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It's called a classic for a reason!

By Leikeze - 26th December 2019 - 22:41 PM

Hello Generals!

Jeremyb911 has looked outside his window and seen snow on the ground, so it's about time for another Winter Classic.

Most of you already know how the tournament works, but for those who don't, I'll explain it briefly here,

It's a standard best ofs tournament with random reverse that sets players against one another exclusively on Winter themed maps; Old maps, such as Bozic Destruction & Cold Territory, and unranked maps, such as Liquid Gold & Winter Crows are included.

And of course if you don't believe me, you can simply open the spoiler to see for yourself:

Rules and Formalities

  • First two games in every round will have a preselected map. Loser of the 2nd game will pick the next map, then it will alternate after each set of two games, unless it's a mirror.
  • Random Reverse; Mirrors do not have to be reversed. If the score is tied, the last game is a mirror chosen by both players. If the players cannot agree on a mirror, the host will have a mirror for each round in the rules.


  • Round 1: January 8th
  • Round 2: January 15th
  • Round 3: January 22nd
  • Semi Finals: January 29th
  • Finals: February 5th
  • All rounds will be BO7 until Semifinals
  • Semi Finals: BO11
  • Finals B013
  • GenTool 7.9.2 mandatory + Upload mode On / Fair Play Rules + Scaffold Abuse.
  • If a DC happens the game is replayed, unless someone was clearly ahead.
  • Winner of each round must post all of the replays in this topic. No replays = no win.
    Map Pool:
    [RANK] Artic Lagoon
    [RANK] Bitter Winter Balanced NoCars ZH v1
    [RANK] Blizzard Badlands ZHv5
    [RANK] Bozic Destruction zh v3
    [RANK] Cold Territory zh v2
    [RANK] Frozen Ruins
    [RANK] Hard Winter zh v2
    [RANK] Liquid Gold ZH v1
    [RANK] Melting Snow ZH v3
    [RANK] Snow Blind ZH v2
    [RANK] Snowy Drought v2
    [RANK] TD Winter ZH v2
    [RANK] Winter Arena
    [RANK] Winter Crows ZH v1
  • First map played in Round 1 is: [RANK] Artic Lagoon
  • First map played in Round 2 is: [RANK] Winter Arena
  • First map played in Round 3 is: [RANK] Snowy Drought v2
  • First map played in Semi Finals: [RANK] Bitter Winter Balanced NoCars ZH v1
  • First map played in Finals: [RANK] Winter Crows ZH v1

(click to download maps)

If that looks like a tournament you've got time for at this time of year, go ahead and signup for it here: Winter Classic 2019

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