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[DK]CrAzY is our new Zero Hour Expert!

By cncHD - 6th October 2017 - 20:56 PM

It is finally time to honor a new Zero Hour Expert again. In this case we would like to add that this times candidate is long time overdue to get his badge. Today we are proud to announce that the one and only, the team beast, the team machine, the craziest player in Zero Hour, [DK]CrAzY (!) will be our "new" Expert! cncHD got in contact with him and both had an interview together which we would like to share with you. Enjoy!

cncHD (GR.org):Hello [DK]CrAzY, we would like to congratulate you for becoming our next Expert Player in C&C Zero Hour! Giving you the Expert Badge was long overdue, I think we can all agree on that. You kicked Ass back then and still kick ass today, thank you very much for still sticking around with us, the community, and providing big entertaining matches to watch!

Also big thanks for agreeing on the Interview. Let's get started!

Could you give us a quick intro to yourself. Name, age and location or as much of that as you care to share.

[DK]CrAzY: My name is Christian. I'm 26 years old and I come from Eggenfelden, a small city near munich in bavaria, germany. I study and also play C&C in my flat in ratisbon tho.

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cncHD (GR.org):When did you start playing C&C Generals and Zero Hour and what kept you be motivated to continue to play this game till this day? There are so many other good games around, like for example Starcraft, Age of Empires 2 or other C&C titles. What is it about Zero Hour that keeps you so motivated to still play this game? Can you also tell us a bit about your history as a gamer? Also speaking about other Strategy Games: Is there another Game which you are really good in? If yes, how high do you rank yourself in the leaderboard there?

[DK]CrAzY: I think I started ZH in August 2006 and played online from the first day on. Apple, sexiie's brother, was the first of us to play ZH, like 1 year before sexiie and I started. But we, especially me, were sitting next to him and watching him play that shitty game like 8 hours a day.

When Apple and Sexiie started to play online I got myself the game and copied, just like them, some BO's from better players online. for example on finale crusade a nice tox BO which we still use today.

What kept me playing ZH? .. Hmm .. I dont know ... It's just really addictive I think. I had two longer breaks of 3/4 of a year and 1 year after the WS 2015. Both breaks were attempts to quit ZH, but it's impossible as long as sexiie is still playing ^^.

Not sure whats meant by my history as a gamer so I go for my history in ZH. Shortly after I started ZH I met MrX in some 3v3 games and was shittalking all the time. I kept asking if I can join his clan, A.Team, and after 100s of times asking him he finally said ok. That was the moment when my "career" began.

In the beginning we played vs clans like RUS and we even struggled big time vs them, but being in teamspeak with MrX and listening to him while he was either teaching me or just screaming at me when we lost, or just because he lost a ranger to a humvee (that really happened...^^ "I lost a ranger to NOTHING!!!!!") was very helpful.

While we kept playing our teamplay (and my game experience in general) improved really fast Soon we were able to play vs the big clans like MaD, OoE etc.. We owned them all of course and as result we've been dodged brutally. It was extremely hard for us to get some 2v2's while the other clans played each other as like if we wouldnt exist. Sometimes we were sitting in the lobby for hours to get one single 2v2 match.

At that time People started to quit and as a result clanwars died.

Later on there were tons of lobby games, some tournaments and challenges ... somehow Zh never got boring.

I've never played any other games, only Anno1503 and need for speed porsche and underground with sexiie for a few weeks each. I've never been interested in any other games, not even in generals 2 when it was said to be released/developed.

cncHD (GR.org):You are a well known Team Player in Zero Hour who does give his opponents a hard time most of the time in team matches. Why do you prefer team games over 1v1 games? There is always the risk that you have total noobs in your team which slow you down, but yet till this day you prefer team matches. What is the best part for you in team matches? Do you only play when you have your best mates in your team or do you also play with random Players in one team? Who is your best team mate and what is your best team strategy with him? Also who are /were your toughest 2v2 and 3v3 opponents and who do you think are the best Players in team games apart from yourself at the moment?

[DK]CrAzY: In my opinion team games variate much more than 1v1s, armyluck becomes more irrelevant if there are more players and its not as robotic. playing in team and going for doubling or tripling someone is far more fun than 1v1. also because of the length of the games. I prefer longer games which can even be exhausting so you have to take a break afterwards, because your hands and head hurt from the concentration, spamming etc..

I would say that I'm one of the few pros who dont care about losing and thats why I dont care if I have noob m8s or a stacked team. I played so many 2v2s/3v3s with noob m8s that some people called me the god of 1v2s/1v3s (I think herb started that) because my m8s got owned after seconds and I still managed to win those games. Also I think thats what made me improve even more and made me also good in 1v1 although I never used to play it much. But playing vs 2-3 opponents and having to spam money, units, check the map constantly, attacking on 3 or more different sides made it possible for me to give those noob experts a hard time at least. However I prefer playing with my m8s ofc, for example with sexiie and going for all our bunkering vs good players. I do the same with MrJabari now in 2v2v2.

My best team mate.. thats hard to answer. Skill wise it has to be rage. We were Kings of the hill for ages, owned pretty much everyone, also won every challenge vs google and size except for 1 I think. sexiie also is one of my best team mates ever. We clanned together in almost every month of Clanwars, founded the SeX clan and played positive vs OoE and all the others.

My best mate however was MrX. I learned ZH from him and I would also say that we were the best 2v2 team in ZH when it was active.

In 3v3 I would go with those 3 aswell but add google. google is one of the best 3v3 players ever and not just 3v3 but also really strong in 2v2.

In my opinion there is no best team strategy. Every game is different and so are all the players. Against some of them you have to play more aggressive and against some you have to be more defensive. I mostly try to find a way to play a bit aggressive but still defensive. No "all in" BO's or any risky attacks.

I cant say who were the toughest opponents, but the MaD and OoE clan were always hard. If I have to name some players: There would be hawky, rage, excal, blind, size, google, sexiie, nasty and a few more.

Nowadays there are not many good team players left.. the best 1v1 players are now also the best 2v2/3v3 players, but they dont know much about teamplay tho.

cncHD (GR.org):You have dedicated your avatar to Justin Bieber. Is he your BIG idol, like Excal is Rengo's idol, or does your choice there have other reasons? Also why did you choose 'Crazy' as your name? Why 'DK'? Why 'Atlantica'?

[DK]CrAzY: i cant remember why^^ maybe I thought its funny or whatever and later on I was too lazy to change it I think. I dont have any idea why I chose those names either. I didn't even knew what [DK] meant at that time and Im not completely sure now tbh haha. I was a noob and saw many people have the [DK] tag in their names so I went for it as well.

I recently wanted to change my avatar and my name on gr.org and even messaged ka$$ad already, but when I read through the questions you send me for the Interview I thought I should keep it a little longer : P

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cncHD (GR.org): Sexiee and you are good friends in real life. How long do you know each other and where did you meet for the first time?

[DK]CrAzY: I think we know each other for 23 years now. We also do live house to house in our hometown. We met while playing outside if I remember correctly, shortly after my family and I moved into the new house.

cncHD (GR.org): Did you ever thought of making Youtube Videos of you playing the game? There are not many in the Youtube Community who play this game, but those who do usually get a good amount of views and followers. The Zero Hour fans really like to watch the ingame View of big Playernames. Would you start making videos of you playing your matches? Even if it's just pure gameplay without commentary?

[DK]CrAzY: I never thought of it myself but I've been asked quite a lot, especially by akaJRisUber. I would even do some streaming but my Laptop isn't capable of doing that. It's a 10 year old shit thing from my dad. My gaming Laptop was stolen in the university while I was taking a break of ZH in 2015/16. I guess it's understandable that I won't buy a new one for ZH.

cncHD (GR.org): What accomplishments Zero Hour wise are you proudest of?

[DK]CrAzY: I don't know ... I'm not really proud of anything in ZH. Maybe I'm a little proud of some people saying that I'm the best team player, but everything else ... nah.

cncHD (GR.org): In closing, do you have any messages for the community or for anyone in particular?

[DK]CrAzY: F**K OFF.

cncHD (GR.org): Congratulations and thank you for the time!

[DK]CrAzY: You're welcome.

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