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Final Stage of ReLaX New Maps Tournament

By Leikeze - 7th January 2023 - 18:18 PM

Greetings Generals

it is about time to get to the real juicy and later stage of our ReLaX New Maps Tournament.

The group stage has been finished with the following results:

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First Quarterfinal is

Marakar vs Tensorgg

Marakar going through his group with 18 rounds won.

Tensorgg is some kind of "unknown" player but really shines, taking games from Excal and ripping through the Semi WS.

Tensorgg reached the second place in a group with Excal, Teez and BangFrog with 15 games won.

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Second Quarterfinal is

Merry vs Stazz

Both players on the edge of conversations for upcoming Experts, recently showing a lot of skill in the Expert Round Robin.

Merry won his group convincingly with 18 games while Stazz took as many games as Lift in his group with 10 games.

Going to be an interesting set.

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Third Quarterfinal is

TumStep vs Pepsi

Pepsi managed to get second in a group with Vector, Frank and Merry. Taking 12 games from all opponents is pretty decent.

TumStep won his group by a margin with 10 games.

I expect a close score here.

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Last Quarterfinal is

Excal vs LiftTruck

Excal won his group and doesn't appear to slow down a lot after winning the WS once again. That being said he had to give up some games to Tensorgg in his group and won't be steamrolling Lift I suppose.

Lift managed to get second in a group with Marakar, Sam and Leikeze. Taking 16 games from them is not easy and I am looking forward to this one.

If you're interested to watch the last remaining players battling it out, you can get there simply by clicking the green button below.

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