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GameReplays Discord ClanWars Guide

By ~JoKeR~ - 8th February 2021 - 19:04 PM

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Hello Generals!

If somebody is sponsoring a CW month, you might be interested in joining the GameReplays ZH ClanWars league, which is where competitive Zero Hour matches are played. ClanWars is not exclusively for competitive players, but you aren't going to have much success unless you're really trying your best every game, which is more fun in the long run, as you'll become a better player in the end.

As the GameReplays Discord ClanWars has been recently unveiled, this guide is meant to help the players understand how the bot functions and the easy ways to use it. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to register yourself and get playing.

Registering for GameReplays ClanWars

You will have to firstly install and create an account on Discord. After doing so join the GameReplays.org Offical Discord Server.

Once you have joined the Server go to #Reaction Roles to get the Zero Hour Role, so you are able to view the Zero Hour Channels.

After that you should be able to view the Zero Hour Channels which will include the ClanWars category. The next step is fairly simple. Go to #register, and type !register . Meaning if I want to join or make a clan named WbG I would type !register WbG. You should now be registered!

Switching Clans

Yet again, its fairly simple to switch clans. Go to any channel in the ClanWars Category and type !switch . Meaning if I am in a clan called WbG and want to join or make a clan named No, I would type !switch No

How to "Challenge" Players?

If you would like to play using the GameReplays Clan Wars Bot, you need to "challenge" the person you have arranged to play games with using the command !challenge [ @user ]. Lets say I have arranged with Mp3 therefore I would type in #Game Lobby !challenge [ @Mp3 ]. Furthermore you can also use some additional commands like "+map +faction" if you like. If you do use the command !challenge [ @user ] +map +faction, the Bot will randomize a certain Map and Faction for you and your opponent on which you can play on. Do remember that +map and +faction commands are optional ones and do not need to be always used.

Once the !challenge [ @user ] command has been used, the Bot will PM both the players asking for confirmation. If you would still like to go ahead with the game, please reply "y" to the Bot. If you would like to decline, type "n".

Once the game has been confirmed, the bot will post a game announcement in #game-announcements. Each game will be allocated a unique ID automatically. Once you have done this you are free to play your game!

If you would like to play a 2v2, please use the !challenge [ @teammate 1 ] [ @opponent 1 @opponenet 2 ] command. Such a command will make the bot send a PM to all the four players asking for the challenge confirmation. Once confirmed, it will yet again post a game-announcement in the specific channel and you are free to play your game!

The command can also be used to 3v3s and 4v4s, just add your team mates in the first bracket, and your opponents in the second one. Always remember to leave a space between the user tags! Otherwise the bot will fail to work.

You have to use this command always before playing a new game. Incase you would like to cancel a challenge, please use the !challenge --cancel command

How to Report a Loss?

Reporting losses is fairly simple. All you need to do is type !loss in #game-report if you have lost the game you played against your opponent. If you won the game, your opponent needs to use this command.

Do always remember to report your games after you have finished the game. Failure to do so and if you participate in a new challenge without reporting your previous game will mean that the bot will override the previous challenge and won't accept its loss report anymore. At such a case, your opponent can Auto Report you which will be accepted if its done within the rules.

How to view Leaderboards?

Viewing Leaderboards is an easy task. If you would like to view the Warrior Leaderboard, please use the command !ptable in #statistics. If you would like to view the Clan Leaderboard, please use the command !ctable in the same channel.

If you would like to view the clan and player list, please use the command !clan-all in the #statistics channel.

How to AutoReport?

If you would like to AutoReport a game, you need to make sure that the game hasn't been reported yet. You can check this by scrolling through the #game-result channel, in which the bot provides a list of all reported games with the winners and losers of each game.

Once you have established that the game isn't reported, please send the Replay of the game & the unique game ID which can be found from #game-announcements to the AutoReport Bot. The userid of the bot is @ModMail#5460. Our Clan Wars Admin will process your AutoReport as soon as possible. Do keep in mind that you need to make an AutoReport within three days of the game being played.

The punishment for the offending player will be similar to what is given at ClanWars.cc.

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