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Gamereplays ExtraVaganza $2000 Tournament Finals!

By Dense - 17th March 2021 - 21:07 PM

GameReplays' ExtraVaganza!

# Grand Finals #

The Gamereplays ExtraVaganza, the biggest tournament in prizemoney Zero Hour has ever seen, has reached it's final stage! The finals are upon us and they are looking great. In the Silver Cup Final the Knight of Jordan jordan ROLL will battle for $300 first prize against supreme Russian warrior russia spL, who might add another + to his name if he wins! Livestreamed by the biggest ZH streamer, bl9rTV.

This Friday @16:00 GMT: ROLL vs. spL

Then for the biggest league two giants face off in the epic Gold Cup Final. Can rising star malaysia Vivid beat the undisputed king of the moment england Excal? The Malaysian youngster has been improving for many months, showing his class by beating experts Boycah & Fargo to reach the final. However the British behemoth is the dominant force in every tournament he plays in, winning almost every one. We will find out who is the strongest and takes the $800 first prize in this epic struggle, livestreamed by our resident streamer StanislavTV.

This Sunday @14:30 GMT: Vivid vs. Excal

Give the players, streamers and ofcourse our generous sponsor AKAbolony, as well as GameReplays a shout-out in the streams! And do relish this full Zero Hour weekend, and the carnage in these amazing finals!

These finals and all streams of the entire tournament can be viewed in: the Streambox!

Sincerely, your hosts Dense & AnT1_Pr0, sponsor AKAbolony and all GameReplay staff.

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