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New Expert - Fargo

By Leikeze - 15th October 2020 - 15:50 PM

The council of Experts have cast their ballet into the eternal flame, so it is finally time to honor a newish Zero Hour player.

In this case we would like to add that this times candidate is long time overdue to get his badge. Today we are proud to announce that the one and only member of the ZH community to have a dedicated page in the Urban Dictionary has been the recipient of the Expert Badge!

Leikeze (GR.org): Hello Fargo, we would like to congratulate you for becoming our next Expert Player in C&C Zero Hour! Giving you the Expert Badge was long overdue, I think we can all agree on that. You kicked ass back then and still kick ass today, thank you very much for still sticking around with us, the community, and providing big entertaining matches to watch!

For an introduction, what do people call you in real life, how old are you, and from where do you come?

Fargo: Funny but I don't really have (a nickname), I had few but never stick on me, last one was bicycle. I'm Vaidas, 31 years old and I come from Lithuania.

Excal will be surprised, 31, I think IPB Image I trolled him that Im 24 IPB Image He was like really, so you started playing in while you 10 years old or so?

Leikeze (GR.org): When did you start playing C&C Generals and Zero Hour?

Fargo: First time I started around 2004 or 2005, just a single player mode as there was no internet where I lived, friend gave it to me a copy and I loved it. Online around 2008(first in hamach, then online servers) if I remember correcting, I could be wrong IPB Image

Leikeze (GR.org): What kept you playing ZH this long?

Fargo: Well, first I really loved single player mode and after completing all 3 factions in ccg, friend told me he have an expansion, so I finished zh campaign too and that's was it. After getting internet and I remembered how much I enjoyed playing zh against computer started playing online, but then I had long brake if you can say as I started playing sc2 until 2018. After that I felt I miss zh again and I guess what mostly kept me playing this my childhood memories playing zh and all the fun I had. What you do in childhood, you never forget so it seems =]

Leikeze (GR.org): You were very good at Starcraft 2, from what we can recall, so do you have any history from that time to add here?

Fargo: I do, I gain more experienced with the pressure as in sc2 competitive level was crazy and lots of online/lan tourneys. But importantly I started using hotkeys way more and especially checking around my base all the time and macro too as sc2 you need to have really good macro(economy). Twice I took second place in biggest UK(from other countries people joined too) tourney, top 8 in one of the biggest tourneys in Europe and some wins in smaller cups.

Leikeze (GR.org): You're another in a long line of 1 vs 1 experts to come this far. What makes you want to play 1 vs 1 at this level in ZH instead of playing 2v2v2 or other casual stuff like we see Legionnaire playing in his streams like most players?

Adding to that, who are the players that you think are hardest to defeat in 1 vs 1 these days?

Fargo: I think because I never put enough time into 2v2v2 or any other format other than 1v1, so rule goes what you do the most, that's what you like. IPB Image Well, if I would lose lots of 1v1, maybe then I could think to play some other modes, team teams are fun but its about what you used to it, I think

(hardest in 1v1)

I guess Excal even though when I watch him play in stream like a turtle without using all his potential (hotkeys), I wonder how can I lose to him, my mind can't understand it IPB Image Vivid too as I lost in last tourneys with close score and he's doing quite well in cw, really interested to play in Expert Golden cup vs him. Boycah is strong too, but I feel confident vs him, maybe because I know him so well after spamming so much and he doesn't feel too confident, i think IPB Image Google too as he always really strong, oh almost forgot Size ! Never imagined SiZe such a fast player, at least that's how it looks in the stream and I was surprised, because some people told me he's very slow, imagined like Excal IPB Image

Leikeze (GR.org): What do you think of all the tournaments and challenges these days?

Fargo: Its something which I never imagined, still hard to believe but we got used to it as a norm. I really wonder if I kept playing zh if not those crazy challenges/tourneys, which we never really had back in 2008 or so. Really thankful for Luci and AkaBolony as they sponsored so much and of course to all others too! So many new kind of tournaments coming up, different challenges, its so fun and you can even get money for it, THANK YOU !. And of course thank you for all the admins/host which put so much time and effort for us players and viewers, they doing it for free !

Leikeze (GR.org): Are there any special tournaments that you would like to see that haven't been done yet?

Fargo: To be honest yes, Akabolony mentioned about one kind of tournament he's thinking and I think its an amazing idea, don't want to spoilt it, I hope it will happen, all I can say it would help to find out the best player for sure IPB Image Hard to think of any other different format as so many already happened, BoNeS l CRuSHeR^ even made few more which I never though its possible. I would want few more top 8/top 16 tournaments which produces so many games.

Leikeze (GR.org): Are there any players in the ZH community that you know in person?

Fargo: Well its just my brother - Dudush, I met 2 more IPB Image

IPB Image

Leikeze (GR.org): You are a strong man in real life, a wrestler and in possession of some epic abs. So you can comment on this: Who do you think is the strongest player in the community?

Fargo: I would give it to boycah, he really surprised me how strong he is, he can do so many rope climbs, muscle ups, push ups and what who knows what else, maybe you? IPB Image Also you mr Leikeze, never imagined you could so many muscle ups ! I hope I can take third place? IPB Image

Leikeze (GR.org): You have always had the same avatar (picture) in the forums, did you just never change it?
The Fargo avatar: IPB Image

Fargo: I guess I don't bother, same for my facebook even though I have some nice pics from holidays yearly, but somehow never bother. Unless someone asks or makes for me, maybe then? But yeah, its quite bad I think, my avatar I mean.

Leikeze (GR.org): Did you ever think of streaming your tournament and challenge games like Excal and Size?

Fargo: I did few times but Excal could not handle my speed, he was so jealous and even stopped watching my stream as it made him feel even more slower than he is, I guess from turtle to snail? On more serious note I did think of it, but in my area upload sleep is really bad.

Leikeze (GR.org): What was your happiest moment in ZH?

Fargo: Hm, it could be when I was in WS finals vs sexie, I was really happy and ready for it, so I thought. Well also Beating logica 7-1 and winning that crazy AIR mirror without any income for last 3 minutes if not more. Since then I started loving air mirrors and air mirror became nightmare for boycah, he knows why IPB Image

Leikeze (GR.org): Do you have any messages for the community or for anyone in particular?

Fargo: Mostly for all the sponsors and admins, as they might be the main reason to keep zh alive, so thank you for all for you, starting AKabolony, Luci, Leikeze, Dence Anti Pro, Hepsi, Jundiyy, Hero, Dudush, Domi, CNCHD, BoNeS l CRuSHeR^ and all others, trully ! Also Hepsi such a cool guy, thanks for all your support IPB Image And of course thank you for all the players !

Leikeze (GR.org): Congratulations and thank you for the time!

Fargo: Thank you Leikeze for your continue efforts and time spent for zh community

And the part you actually want to see—special interview with -DoMiNaToR-

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