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Our newest Expert: supersexiie!

By cncHD - 15th January 2019 - 21:47 PM

Today we proudly announce that we got a new Zero Hour Expert! With his recent achievements and overall his long belonging to the Community and his creative playstyle we, the Zero Hour Staff Team and the Zero Hour Experts decided in a poll, that -SeX`iie earned himself the much sighed-for Expert Badge.

We got in contact with -SeX`iie to get more insight about him as a person. Enjoy the Interview!

-SeX`iies Recent Achievments

IPB Image

cncHDīs interview with ZH Expert -SeX`iie

GameReplays - cncHD: Hello -SeX`iie and congratulations for beeing promoted to the newest Expert of C&C Zero Hour! We are happy to have you as our newest Expert on the Battlefield and hope to see many more exciting games from you! Lets begin with our Interview.

first off we would like to have a bit more Info about you as a Person and as a Player:
  • Your current Age?
  • Where do you come from?
  • When did you start playing Command and Conquer Generals and the Expansion Zero Hour?
  • How many games did you roughly play online in Generals and in the Expansion Zero Hour?
-SeX`iie: Hey Generals! I am 28 years young and from bavaria germany. I spent my last 8 years in ratisbon. My zh career started 2008 as far as I can remember. My brother Apple, [DK]Crazy and me played our first games offline, but we all started playing online shortly after. Instead of the huge majority of the players here we didnt go online as super noobs. We knew already about GameReplays.org and also downloaded Replays there. So we adapted pretty fast to the different gameplay in Multiplayer compared to Singleplayer. Honestly I canīt tell how many games I played in all those years, but I am sure about one thing: It were way too many IPB Image

GameReplays - cncHD: What do you enjoy more in the RTS Genre: 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4? And if you prefer a certain type, why do you prefer it over the other types?

-SeX`iie: I dont prefer any type over another in general. If my best m8 [DK]Crazy is online I definitely prefere teamgames with him. He likes to bunker just as much as I do, so itīs always fun to team up with him. It can be 2v2, 3v3 or 2v2v2. I just dislike playing the same map in 3v3 and 2v2v2 over and over again: Defcon …
Sadly we didnīt get any 2v2 matches against any other great 2v2 Players in the last few years. The dodging is very real.

The closer we get to the yearly hosted WorldSeries the more I enjoy playing 1v1 matches. The WorldSeries is seen as the biggest event every year and itīs spirit catches up to me. You all have seen the result - the appearance of supersexiie, playing on a completely different level then the rest on the battlefield.

Spoiler: Footage of -SeX`iie turning into Super|-SeX`iie

Here we can see -SeX`iie turning into Super|-SeX`iie on the battlefield

GameReplays - cncHD: You and [DK]Crazy are good mates and real life friends. You seem to do a lot together in your freetime. Since when do you know [DK]Crazy? How many team games did you roughly play with [DK]Crazy and how is the team synergy between you two? Are you an unbeatable team in 2v2? What Armies do you like the most as a combination in team games? For example Tank and Nuke, or Air and Tank, or maybe Air and Air.

-SeX`iie: I know [DK]Crazy pretty much my whole life long (over 20 years) and we are best friends since we started to know each other. I canīt tell how many teamgames I roughly played with him. I think it might be a couple thousands, but I could be very wrong. We started playing Zero Hour together. We sometimes talked about Zero and tactics. Also we watched each other play the Game and - as i already said before - we played a lot of teamgames together.

I know his gameplay very well and he knows my gameplay, too. We both somehow prefere the more defensive style. We hardly go for all-in Buildorders or any risky moves, instead we try to win by small steps every game, winning here and there a fight. I think all the mentioned points are the reason for our strong teamplay.

Indeed, we are an unbeatable team! Good Question by the way IPB Image I donīt have any army combinations which I like the most. The diversity brings the fun. This is the reason we all still play random in ffgs despite the possible army imbalance, right? IPB Image