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We have got a new Expert for Zero Hour

By Ka$$aD - 23rd March 2020 - 22:09 PM

Greetings Generals!

Continuous acrid discussions have been lead about an upcoming Expert player in the recent past and right now they all come to an end! It's all over town about our next deserved Zero Hour Expert player:

IPB ImageBoYcaH

Thereby BoYcaH joins the ranks of our Zero Hour legends as the current 18th Zero Hour Expert.

Our new Expert knows how to entertain the masses. Not only is he doing an outstanding job as a streamer on his YouTube channel, highlighting tournaments and events throughout the community while giving us a good time, but he was also starring in two of our most exciting replays this year. An insane Stealth vs Laser fight against SiZe that reached Gold Replay status and a Tank vs Stealth war to the knife against AyeDoKill (rumors say it is Shaye) that reached Silver Replay status.

BoYcaH has proven doubters wrong with his recent tournament wins at Winter Classic 2019, 1.04+ Beta League, Match Up Points Tournament and his second place at the Zero Hour World Series 2019 where the title was within his reach. Moreover, he has shown positive results against several other Expert players in various (money) challenges, clanwars and tournament matches.

We can already hear you ask yourself "Who is that awesome guy called BoYcaH?" "How can I get to know this handsome dude?" "Is he still available?" but don't ask any longer. Your craving for answers is heard!

Our Zero Hour Expert -DoMiNaToR- has conducted an interview with BoYcaH that might go down in history as the longest and most entertaining Expert interview ever, including interview questions, quick-fire questions and a Zero Hour knowledge quiz! We have had enough of words, enjoy the interview on -DoMiNaToR-'s YouTube channel or right here below:

Congratulations BoYcaH!

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