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Player Of The Quarter Sep-Dec 2020—Winner's Interview

By Leikeze - 3rd January 2021 - 04:14 AM

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GR: Hey Excal, congratulations on winning the player of the quarter from September to December 2020!

How are you feeling after so many tournament/event finals & wins?

Excal: 10x 🥇 2x 🥈 1x 🥉
Spoiler: Tournaments

Excal: Oh thank you for this award/recognition. Well when returning to this great game, its honestly something I didn't expect. Naturally, I am really happy for the results I have had the past quarter - shoutout to my team for helping me achieve this.

GR: What was the hardest tournament win?

Excal: I think the toweleee invitational tourney vs BoYcaH. He was fresh from winning World Series, is a great player, and he had a lot of confidence. I was the underdog in this final and the games were very difficult and close. I have picked this one as the hardest due to the mental aspect, but having said that, every final/match vs BoYcaH is very difficult. We have been in many finals together this past quarter.

GR: What tournament was your biggest disappointment?

Excal: Actually the World Series lol. I had no expectation or pressure going into it, yet as I was going through the rounds, I felt I was improving and improving the more I was playing. Suddenly I reached the final, and what went from not expecting to get anywhere, somehow ended up as - making the final! BoYcaH fully deserved the win, but my regrets are my own play, I took a huge risk as Air vs vchina strategy wise, which didn't pay off, and made a massive mistake in a GLA vs USA game where I accidentally stopped all my workers collecting. These two really bad moments were the most disappointing for me. However, although disappointing, I don't have regrets. I have taken risks strategy wise since then and its paid off - I think its good to be unpredictable.
World Series Bracket

GR: Is there a certain concept/format you would like to see in the future?

Excal: I think an exclusive Twilight flame tournament (3v3) could be interesting. A nuke mirror only tournament would be something I would enjoy as well as it would remind me of the old days. However, there are lots of different formats and tourney so its already fun and exciting.

GR: How can someone like you, winning 10 tournaments in the last quarter, support a football club that doesn't win anything?

Excal: Haha well, I support Manchester United due to my dad and family. He is from the North of England, and he supported then when they weren't good. When I was growing up they won everything under Sir Alex Ferguson and recent years have been poor. But this season we aren't too far from the top so don't speak too soon! IPB Image)

GR: Which tournament would you consider your biggest achievement (from September to December)?

Excal: I would have to say the DOMI-nation World Championship tourney. A tourney starting with 126 players?! Amazing.

GR: Favorite set played?

Excal: Probably the Strangelands set final weirdly (no pun intended). I was really having to learn the maps and that final was another tough final vs BoYcaH - but the maps made it really different.
Strange Lands III bracket

GR: Best replays you've played/seen?

Excal:I think the GLA mirror in world series final which was a super long game vs BoYcaH was pretty epic. I have also had some clanwars. One 2v2 especially on tourney A - me spalding vs spl asus which pretty much came down to the last building - i'd recommend people to check that out, its been posted in the replay section!

GR: Toughest clan played?

Excal: Going back many many months - GoDs clan. More recently, Vet3 (consisting of BoYcaH, Domi, Crazy, hawky).
CW May—Gods clan
IPB Image

CW November—Vet3 clan
IPB Image

GR: Are there any tips & tricks for winning so many tournaments?

Excal: Not sure about tricks, but tips I would give would be to review and be critical about your own play and try to make small improvements gradually. Lots of players get frustrated, emotional, blame others, or simply dodge playing people better than them - this approach will mean they will never get the improvement they are looking for - and as a result, tournament wins.

GR: Who do you think is more proud of your achievements, your wife or Rengo?

Excal: Well the wife has enjoyed spending the tourney wins on curtains, gym leggings and well underw...., not mentioning what else - but that's for my benefit IPB Image IPB Image. Having said all that, I would say Rengo is more proud haha IPB Image.

GR: Some things you want to add or say?

Excal: Just a few shoutouts. To all the staff/organisers/admins - that includes gamereplays, gentool and clanwar. To the sponsors/streamers who keep this game going and bring us much entertainment and excitement through tourneys/challenges. To the community for the banter, laughs and memes! And finally to you wraith and gamereplays for interview. Cheers!

GR: Thank you for the interview and I shall see you on the battlefield once more IPB Image. Hope you have a good holiday and a happy new year.

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Players Of The Quarter 2020-4 (Credit to -NickName-)