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Zero Hour has a new expert!

By methuselah - 10th September 2011 - 16:05 PM

An expert is defined as "A person with a high degree of skill or knowledge in a particular area." Today we add RaGe to the very accomplished list of Zero Hour expert players. Not only that but he has also been acknowleged as the Zero Hour Player of the Month for the month of August so it looks like RaGe is having one fine day indeed.

Recently GameReplays own methuselah got a chance to visit with our newest expert player. Enjoy!

GameReplays: Name, age, location?
RaGe: August (my name yes), 23, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GameReplays: What else do you do for fun? Other than play lots of Zero Hour of course!
RaGe: Playing sports(going to gym, rowing, sometimes squash/tennis/climbing/), hang out with my fraternity mates, party either in amsterdam or at techno festivals, travelling/backpacking is great as well although i dunno whether that fits into this category tongue.gif been to australia/new zealand and south east asia after my 2nd year of college and last year i made a one month backpacking trip through middle america.

GameReplays: Are there any other games in your life at this time? Anything you are really looking forward to?
RaGe: No, ive said this before but i cant be asked to get as addicted to any game as i have been/am to this game.

IPB Image
Zero Hour's newest expert

GameReplays: How long have you been playing Zero Hour and what sort of player were you to begin with?
RaGe: I think ive played zero hour for about7 years now? Cant even remember lol, started to play it quite fast after it was released, although not really competitevely. I was the kind of player that tried weird stuff like making a technical with 5 stealth rebels and trying to capture the whole enemy base. This seemd to me as a great strategy. PLayed a lot of tournement island games as well with a mate of mine bunkering like a madman and then trying to pull of a win with mass gamma busses; classy. Never really got into the TF scene although i find it quite fun these days.

GameReplays: What is your favorite faction and why?
RaGe: That must be the demolition general, for one i really like terrorists/tech terrors since they are so lethal and versatile not to mention the fact they are an essential weapon if u wanna master gla properly. For the rest i love how you can just blow up everything after the demolitions upgrade so every unit becomes a potential bomb. Radar vans killing lotusses, jarmen kell as a stealth bomb vs humvee armies, workers vs overlords. Sweet stuff. And gla is a great faction since it is so hard to master. I can remember the frustration when i started to play that all these fuckin workers were running all over the place and i cudnt control em hehe.

GameReplays: What is your favorite map and why?
RaGe: TD probably since ive had my best matches on there but i like forgotten forest and sand serpent as well.

GameReplays: When did you start playing Clanwars? What drew you to CW to begin with?
RaGe: I think that was 4/5 years ago or something. I wanted to be good at this game and clanwars was the place to be for that.

GameReplays: What accomplishments Zero Hour wise are you proudest of?
RaGe: i dont think i have that great zh accomplishments if im being honest. To be fair i tend to fu ck up when it really matters. Some huge hangovers might have had a hand in a couple of tournement losses as well but o well who cares I won a 2v2 tourny with some good teams in it with hawky once, we kinda dominated that so that was fun. Furthermore i have not been negative versus any 2v2 combo when nasty was active as well and we played clanwars so that was kinda cool.

GameReplays: Do you watch replays? If so in what context? Your own to improve your play? Or perhaps other top players for entertainment?
RaGe: I used to watch replays alot to see what other players did but now i just know why i lost even during the game. And mostly it is either an imba matchup or i fucked up micro wise. What i really liked about zh was that u could build all over the map which makes the game so incredibly versatile. Was fun to think of strats and counterstrats. Had some great fun in 2v2 in -MaD with AnGer (unfortunately taken from me by the israeli army) when we tried to break the sick tank/air combo's of good teams so we tried to do innovative strats with stealth tox. We werent that good micro wise but due to a good strat we sometimes managed a win vs better players.

GameReplays: Whom do you consider your most difficult opponent? Any why? Whom do you consider your best ally? And why?
RaGe: I always found excal a great opponent since he seemed to always know what was best in every situation, this combined with sick micro made him a really really tough opponent. Although when i started to come close to his level he stopped playing. I have to name Rising and Hawky in this aspect, somehow they manage to sometimes get under my skin and own me badly dont think im any worse than them but just cant seem to achieve my best gaming versus them.

These days that is undoubtetly SiZe. He's just a great player, his tank especially is better than anyone i have seen. He makes tox vs tank seem imba in tanks favour lol. Hes an allround player, i'd say maybe his only weakness is the usa mirror. We can all remember the toe curling world series usa mirror between excal and size. No clue whatsoever what they were thinking haha. Its a lot of fun to play versus someone knowing you are running behind every second you dont micro ur absolutely best. Cheers for that. The fact we always flame each other relentlesly makes it even more fun.

GameReplays: Any Zero Hour matchups you just hate or are terrible at? What would be your favorite matchup?
RaGe: I think im pretty bad at usa mirrors, its so hard to get the micro right there. U have to keep and eye on ur own drop and save ur chinooks from the anti drop and not lose ur dozers. I really like me any gla vs usav/laser its quite a balanced matchups and has a fine balance between technical micro terror techs and spamming quads and moving forward with workers and tunneling the flanks. Its really hard to own a good usa with harassing and flanking but due to that a nice challenge!

IPB Image
RaGe and his brother

GameReplays: Let's get right to the question everyone wants to know. How do you put up with Hawky? And more importantly why?
RaGe: Haha, a just question indeed. I could linch hawky as well when i played vs him since he is cocky as hell and when he loses he always has an excuse. Furthermore he lames by saying GG at the end at a crucial point and then playing on so ur not focused anymore; really annoying. Also his ability to bunker like a madman as gla and the fact he has 50 markets up when ur only building ur 5th can drive people mad. In this he is the only player which can come even close to Anger which always had sim city going on at the point i had my first jarmen kell out in 2v2.

All this i could only accept tho after hawky told me in confidence that he still wets his bed at night and everytime he does his mother whips him with a wet towell drenched in his own urine; a sad story indeed. So folks next time u wanna fist pump hawky through the screen of ur own pc, remember how he became the boy he is today and say the magical words to urself: towel....wet....urine.

GameReplays: In closing is there anything you'd like to say to the Zero Hour community?
RaGe: Yes, dont fuckin hack its pathetic and incredibly childish. And for those who play clanwars, dont dodge. Its retarded to play in that league and not be wanting to play the best players.
ps. dont play too much zero hour it wont get you hot chicks.

A few RaGe replays for your enjoyment

Please share your congratulations for Zero Hour's newest expert player!