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Team Carnage - 2vs2 Tournament Season 2

By Mp3 - 21st December 2020 - 04:42 AM

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Welcome Generals!

Following the success of previously held tournament involving a unique ability of army-rotation, fellow member of our community, CoMMaNDo, had decided to host a second season of his event!

Sixteen (16) Teams can sign up as of now, and the registration process had just began! Pro and Expert level players are welcomed and encouraged to take part in.

As it has been mentioned earlier - the rules is what sets this event apart from the rest. A special management with un-standard army picking system, allows players to experience the commanding tactic from a different angle. Double elimination gives an extra opportunity for contestants to prove their might, leading to interesting revenge matches!

With the majority of the points remaining the same, a few things had been changed since the first season. Most notably being an increased amount of maps. The host had decided to add-in more official battlefields into the mix. Not only that, but the Best of's have gotten slightly longer.

View the map-pool for the tournament: (click to open)
  1. Bear Town Beatdown
  2. Dark Mountain
  3. Dogs of War
  4. Dark Night
  5. El Scorcho
  6. Fallen Empire
  7. Flooded Plains
  8. Homeland Alliance
  9. Lights Out
  10. Lone Eagle
  11. Manic Aggression
  12. Overland Offensive
  13. Rogue Agent
  14. Tournament A
  15. Tournament B
  16. Tournament Island
  17. Tournament Lake
  18. Tournament Tundra
  19. [RANK] [NMC] Aftermath
  20. [RANK] [NMC] Coastline World
  21. [RANK] [NMC] Ghostly Rocks
  22. [RANK] [NMC] Middle Fight
  23. [RANK] [NMC] Maguso ZH v2
  24. [RANK] Desert Combat ZH v2
  25. [RANK] Christmas ZH v3
  26. [RANK] Make Make 4 ZH v2
  27. [RANK] Mountain Path ZH v4
  28. [RANK] Volcanoe ZH v1
  29. [RANK] Lost Temple ZH v1
  30. [RANK] Unity A ZH v1

Got you interest? Don't hesitate, and follow the button down below in-order to Sign Up!

We shall see you on the battlefield, Generals!


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