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Team Coverage - 2vs2 Tournament

By Mp3 - 1st July 2020 - 03:24 AM

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Hello Generals!

We'd like to invite you to a new 2 vs 2 tournament, with a unique approach and management that have yet to be done before!

Hosted, by a fellow member of our community, CoMMaNDo, and our Junior Referee AKAbolony, who also happens to be the sponsor of this event.

Sixteen (16) Teams can sign up as of now, and the registration process had just began! Pro and Expert level players are welcomed and encouraged to take part in.

Rules and Formalities

The tournament is in the form of 2 eliminations - Main Bracket & Lower Bracket.

Tournament Grid can be found below: (click to enlarge)
IPB Image

Main Bracket: Round 1 and 2 - Best of 9. Round 3 and 4 / Quarter and Semifinals - Best of 11. Round 5 / Grand Final - Best of 13.

Lower Bracket: Round 1 - Best of 7. Round 2, 3 and 4 - Best of 9. Round 5 and 6 / Quarter and Semifinals - Best of 11.
If the set is coming to an event score (6:6), the following action should be done:

[Team 1 Picks the map]-->[Pick1 army Team2]-->[Pick 2 & 3 Army Team1]-->[Pick 4 Army Team2]
For Final Round 13 Army mirror

Team 1 vs Team 2
Game 1 ~ [1st Team Picks the map]-->[pick1 army Team1]-->[pick 2 & 3 Army Team 2]-->[pick 4 army team 1]
Game 2 ~ [2nd Team Picks the map]-->[pick1 army Team2]-->[pick 2 & 3 Army Team 1]-->[Pick 4 Army Team 2]
Game 3 ~ [1st Team Picks the map]-->[pick1 army Team1]-->[pick 2 & 3 Army Team 2]-->[Pick 4 Army Team 1]
Game 4 ~ [2nd Team Picks the map]-->[pick1 army Team2]-->[pick 2 & 3 Army Team 1]-->[Pick 4 Army Team 2]

Such system continues throughout the tournament, with an exception of tie breakers which shall be a Mirror MU of players' choice.

Important Point!

An army which you've selected the first time cannot be picked and played by you again! For instance, if Player A from Team 1 chooses Toxin for the first match, he is forbidden to select Toxin again from that point on.

All players are entitled to come up with a logo for their team! That's a must-have for the tournament, as it will be used in the scoreboards and the overall bracket.

There are 20 maps available to choice from, 12 of which are Official maps with the remaining 8 being RANK variants. Each can be selected and played once per match. You're not to select the same map again, after you've played on it!

The team at the top of the table grid is picking the first map and the army. After that, the choice is going to be constructed in the following order: 1st and 3rd, 5th and 7th, 9th and 11th, 13th and 15th Teams.

The map list is consisting of (click to open)
  1. Fallen Empire
  2. Tournament A
  3. Tournament Tundra
  4. Tournament Island
  5. Tournament Lake
  6. Tournament B
  7. Manic Aggression
  8. Lone Eagle
  9. El Scorcho
  10. Dark Mountain
  11. Dogs of War
  12. Overland Offensive
  13. [RANK] Desert Combat ZH v2
  14. [RANK] [NMC] Aftermath
  15. [RANK] [NMC] Ghostly Rocks
  16. [RANK] [NMC] Middle Fight
  17. [RANK] [NMC] Maguso ZH v2
  18. [RANK] Christmas ZH v3
  19. [RANK] Make Make 4 ZH v2
  20. [RANK] Volcanoe ZH v1

Got you interest? Don't hesitate, and follow the button down below in-order to Sign Up!

We shall see you on the battlefield, Generals!


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