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New Expert - ViViD

By ~JoKeR~ - 15th July 2021 - 11:57 AM

After all the speculation, all the countless topics & posts contemplating who the next Expert would be, its finally time to honor a player of the latest generation of Zero Hour players, one who rose to prominence just recently. Today we are proud to announce that ViViD has become the newest recipient of the esteemed Expert Badge!

The Council of Experts have finally casted their votes!

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JoKeR (GR.org): Hello ViViD, firstly we would like to congratulate you for becoming our next Expert Player in C&C Zero Hour! Giving you the Expert Badge was on the cards for quite some time, I think we can all agree on that. You kicked ass when you first joined the competitive scene and still kick ass today, thank you very much for still sticking around with us, the community, and providing big entertaining matches to watch!

For an introduction, what's your name, how old are you, and from where do you come?

ViViD: Hi, I play under the name ViViD. I am 20 years old from Malaysia.

JoKeR (GR.org): Any pictures of yourself which you would like to share?

ViViD: Here is a picture of me with one of my buddies. (I am on the right)
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JoKeR (GR.org): When did you start playing C&C Generals and Zero Hour? How did you got introduced to this game?

ViViD: I came across the game towards the end of 2017 on my bro's pc, but I had no idea whether the game was active back then. I only played through GameRanger where there were barely any rooms at my time zone, only a few CXN rooms now and then, so I occasionally played a CXN or 2v2 game. Some people mentioned that the game was still active and was being played competitively, that's when I came across Dominators YT channel which lead me to GameReplays and got me interested in the game, so I started playing more 1v1s in 2019.

JoKeR (GR.org): Any other game which you are decent/good at?

ViViD: I mostly play FPS games which I am good at like COD, Valorant, Apex Legends, etc.

JoKeR (GR.org): You're another in a long line of 1v1 experts to come this far. What makes you want to play 1v1 at this level in ZH instead of playing 2v2v2 or other casual stuff?

ViViD: I play 1v1 casually. I never intended to play 1v1 at a competitive level, but most games are in that format. I don't mind playing any other format as long as they are ggs.

JoKeR (GR.org): Adding to that, who are the players that you think are hardest to defeat in 1 vs 1 these days?

ViViD: Most experts are usually decent. It usually depends on the playstyles and preparation done. ExCaL is probably the toughest to beat.

JoKeR (GR.org): What do you think of all the tournaments and challenges these days?

ViViD: Epic!! For the players and viewers.

JoKeR (GR.org): Are there any special tournaments that you would like to see that haven't been done yet?

ViViD: Umm, not sure about special tournaments but would be nice to see more team tournaments like 2v2s and 3v3.

JoKeR (GR.org): Are there any players in the ZH community that you know in person?

ViViD: Nope

JoKeR (GR.org): Any specific reason you choose the name "ViViD"?

ViViD: Not really, just liked it biggrin.gif

JoKeR (GR.org): Did you ever think of streaming your tournament and challenge games like Excal?

ViViD: Yes, but i'm usually busy with uni and my timezone is not the best for streams. I might try it tho.

JoKeR (GR.org): Do you have any messages for the community or for anyone in particular?

ViViD: Thanks to the all the sponsors/hosts/streamers, especially AKAbolony for keeping the game active and alive.
Also, shout-out to my clan mates in OoE for all the support and making the game more fun to play <3

JoKeR (GR.org): Congratulations and thank you for the time!

ViViD: Thanks, anytime!

And the part you actually want to see—special interview with -DoMiNaToR-

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