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Winners' Circle

By Plokite_Wolf - 20th December 2016 - 14:05 PM

Welcome to the GameReplays.org Zero Hour Winners' Circle! Want to know who's won how many tournaments, stretching all the way back to 1.02 in 2004? We've got the answer for you, as this list shows definitively who the top Zero Hour players are, in order of tournament wins. Of course, the breakdown isn't necessarily reflective of individual skill, but it does provide a general rubric of the top competitors in Zero Hour.

Last updated: Encore^'s $100 1v1 Tournament

Top players

Top Ranks by Tournament Wins

1. -DoMiNaToR- (31 points)
2. -BiG^SiZe^ (20 points)
3. bliNd- (16 points)
4. RaGe^ (11 points)
5. Apollo- (8 points)
5. WwW.GooGle.Com` (8 points)
5. HaWkY^ (8 points)
8. Kelevra (7 points)
8. ExCaL^ (7 points)
8. ^KaRRo (7 points)

Top Players per Version

Top 1.06 player: Tie between bliNd- and Kelevra
Top 1.05x player: Apollo-
Top 1.04 player: -DoMiNaToR-
Top 1.03 player: Tie between electric and Foksu
Top 1.02 player: Eficko

Version 1.06 (Community Patch)

Year 2017

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
1.06 Tourney February 2017-DoMiNaToR-Taz^MaNy-

Year 2013

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
1.06 World Championship #2^KaRRoHaWkY^
1.06 World Championship #1RaGe^HaWkY^
1.06 League February 2013OpsnyderHaWkY^

Year 2009

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
#15 2v2 TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`), YumiReLaX, ^SiLvA
#14 1v1 TournamentStar OceanSharpnessism
#13 1v1 TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`)Yumi
#12 FFA TournamentbliNd-Star Ocean
#11 1v1 Original Armies Only TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`)Opsnyder
#10 2v2 TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`), Tr][kychimaera, -sCuBa^MaRiNe`+ j4m3sb0nd, ^spAmmAAjA^
#9 1v1 Promo TournamentbliNd-j4m3sb0nd

Year 2008

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ZH 1.06 LeagueWNx`SlaydCraVenSparky
#8 1v1 Tournament^spAmmAAjA^spalding
#7 1v1 TournamentbliNd-j4m3sb0nd
#6 1v1 TournamentbliNd-Star Ocean

Version 1.05x (Community Patch)

Year 2008

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
[1.05e] #5 2v2 Tournamentlionheart, -NaaB-megaC4 + Yumi
[1.05e] #4 1v1 TournamentYumibliNd-
[1.05e] #3 1v1 Tournamentj4m3sb0ndYumi
[1.05e] #2 2v2 Tournament^spAmmAAjA^, bliNd-ReLaX, Manji
[1.05e] #1 1v1 TournamentbliNd-j4m3sb0nd
[1.05e] 9 March 1v1 Tournament (see replays)neppowMrX (alias Geologe)

Year 2007

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
[1.05e] 28 October 1v1 Tournament 2 (see replays)bliNd-(no data)
[1.05e] 28 October 1v1 Tournament 1 (see replays)(no data)(no data)
[1.05e] 21 October 1v1 Tournament (see replays)(no data)(no data)
[1.05e] 14 October 1v1 Tournament (see replays)bliNd-(no data)
[1.05b] 4 February 2v2 Armies Tournament (see replays)(no data)(no data)
[1.05b] 28 January 2v2 Random Only Tournament (see replays)LoCk-On^, SouthernerHorse-Poo, Nevermind
[1.05b] 23 January 1v1 Random Only Tournament (see replays)Apollo- (alias Aces)PSYCHOxnc
[1.05b] 14 January 2v2 Random Only Tournament (see replays)zZSaRGeZz, Tae1^General, Mulitsu

Year 2006

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
[1.05b] 30 December 2v2 TournamentzZSaRGeZz, SpyDaManApollo-, Pyro
[1.05b] 10 December 2v2 Prize TournamentApollo-, bliNd-ExCaL^, Knockout
[1.05b] 4 December 2v2 Random Tournament^General, HeartlessCHaMY, Andre`
[1.05b] 26 November 1v1 Random Tournament (see replays)Yumi (alias -qlp-)DarkHero
[1.05b] 19 November 2v2 Random TournamentCHaMY, HaWkY^WaRCiMeS, zZSaRGeZz
[1.05b] 5 November 2v2 TournamentTae1, BeNNi_77Spell, Saunders^
[1.05b] 29 October 1v1 TournamentTr][ky (alias CrisPiN)^OwNaGe' (alias Pineapple)
[1.05b] 22 October 2v2 Original Armies Only TournamentTae1, BeNNi_77HaWkY^ (alias general[wUb]), generalnuke
[1.05b] 15 October 1v1 TournamentApollo-HaWkY^ (alias wUb)
[1.05b] 8 October 2v2 TournamentApollo-, Yumi (alias Sm34g0l)Spell, Heartless
[1.05b] 30 September 1v1 Tournament (see replays)^General^KaRRo
[1.05b] 24 September 2v2 TournamentApollo-, ^Generalspalding, bliNd-
[1.05b] 16 September 1v1 Random TournamentbliNd-spalding
[1.05b] 10 September 1v1 Double Elimination TournamentApollo-Cesaro
[1.05b] 3 September 1v1 Tournament (see replays)Yumi (alias Sm34g0l)Cesaro
[1.05b] 27 August 2v2 Tournament (see replays)[oW]^NepTunE, [oW]AnTaRTiC^[N-]ooB, [N-]^j4m3sb0nd
[1.05b] 13 August 1v1 Tournament (see replays)bliNd-, spaldingBeNNi_77", zZSaRGeZz
[1.05a] 16 July 1v1 Tournament (see replays)spalding (alias [AH]Perjudica)HaWkY^
[1.05a] 13 July 2v2 TournamentApollo-, ^GeneralNiKe, bliNd-

Version 1.04

Year 2018

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ZH 1vs1 Round Robin Tournament-DoMiNaToR-BoYcaH

Year 2017

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Encore^'s $100 1v1 TournamentRaGe^ (alias -MaD|RaGe^)-DoMiNaToR-
Jundiyy's FFA Elimination TournamentFireLorD`scuba (alias MrXezon)
Winter Classic 2016RaGe^ (alias -MaD|RaGe^)Logica (alias FiReSToRm)
Jundiyy's 1v1 Survival TournamentBoYcaHFargo
FireLorD's 1v1 Elimination TournamentKa$$aD-FLETCHY`7
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - January 2017-DoMiNaToR-scuba
Micro Tournament-DoMiNaToR-scuba
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - February 2017-DoMiNaToR-Fargo
Round Robin → 6 playersHaWkY^Fargo
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - March 2017-DoMiNaToR-Ka$$aD
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - April 2017Ka$$aD^RiNgO
Zero Hour League 1 - Season 1-SeXi`ieeBoYcaH
Zero Hour League 2 - Season 1KeeraLionengine
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - May 2017Ka$$aDLogica (DQ)
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - June 2017Taz^MaNy-Ka$$aD
Zero Hour World Series 2017**[DK]Crazy -SeXi`iee
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - August 2017-DoMiNaToR-Quadriple
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - September 2017scubaKa$$aD
Not a pro? Not a problem!
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - October 2017
1 vs 1 Mirrors Tournament-DoMiNaToR-BoYcaH
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - November 2017-DoMiNaToR-FireLorD`
Zero Hour League 1 - Season 2-DoMiNaToR- & BoYcaH (draw) -
Zero Hour League 2 - Season 2Logica Taz^MaNy-
Zero Hour League 3 - Season 2Ka$$aDkeelwa
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - December 2017-DoMiNaToR--FreeStyLeR-
Winter Classic 2017-DoMiNaToR-Taz^MaNy-

Year 2016

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - November 2016Logica-ExiLe`
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - October 2016-DoMiNaToR-Fargo
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - September 2016-LeGenD-^RiNgO
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - August 2016Ka$$aD-DoMiNaToR- (DQ)
Que Club Tournament 2016 (1v1)**-BiG^SiZe^RaGe^
Que Club Tournament 2016 (3v3)**WwW.GooGle.Com`, hOoLiGaN, Cobra, MoRiaRTY`MrX, BaZooKa, Opsnyder
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - July 2016BoYcaH-ExiLe`
Zero Hour World Series 2016**-DoMiNaToR-Taz^MaNy- (DQ)
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - June 2016Ka$$aD-DoMiNaToR- (DQ)
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - May 2016LogicaDustyRhodes
Sharbel's Tournament #2*-DoMiNaToR-Ka$$aD
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - April 2016BoYcaH-DoMiNaToR-
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - March 2016DustyRhodes-DoMiNaToR-
Sharbel's Tournament #1*RaGe^-BiG^SiZe^
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - February 2016-DoMiNaToR-Taz^MaNy-
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - January 2016-DoMiNaToR-RaGe^

Year 2015

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - December 2015-DoMiNaToR-BoYcaH
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - November 2015DustyRhodesBoYcaH
Zero Hour World Series 2015**-BiG^SiZe^[DK]Crazy
Reveal of Legends Tournament #1 (The Air Mirror)-SeXi`ieeDustyRhodes
Zero Hour C&C 20th Anniversary 1v1 Tournament-DoMiNaToR-B4D-B0Y
Zero Hour 2v2 Nations Cup 2015 (see finals)-GeN|MasteR^, Taz^MaNy- (alias Curious`)MrX, Ka$$aD (alias Olfmeister)
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - June 2015-DoMiNaToR-^SeRpeNt^
Premiere League 1v1 2015-DoMiNaToR-, -BiG^SiZe^ (tie)n/a
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - May 2015-DoMiNaToR-^RiNgO
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - April 2015-DoMiNaToR-Ka$$aD
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - March 2015-DoMiNaToR--BiG^SiZe^
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - January 2015MrXtrve^viking
2v2 Revora TournamentLogica, -HerB-HaWkY^, WwW.GooGle.Com`

Year 2014

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - December 2014-BiG^SiZe^MrX
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - November 2014-DoMiNaToR--CHiNcHi-^
1v1 King of the Hill Challenge Season 1-DoMiNaToR-n/a
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - October 2014-DoMiNaToR-MrX
2v2 King of the Hill Challenge[DK]Crazy, RaGe^n/a
Zero Hour Ladder Wars - September 2014 (Half-Season)-DoMiNaToR-MrX
Premiere League 1v1 2014HaWkY^^KaRRo
2014 Spring Team Tournament^KaRRo (alias [OoE]^KaRRi), HuMaN1ty (alias [OoE]^HuMMi)AtLaNtiCa (alias HULK), WwW.GooGle.Com` (alias BlackWidow)
Zero Hour World Series 2014**RaGe^-BiG^SiZe^

Year 2013

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
GameRanger 2v2 ChampionshipWwW.GooGle.Com`, -BiG^SiZe^-RhinoRider, -Joa^
Zero Hour World Series 2013**^KaRRoscuba

Year 2012

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ClanWars Warrior Rank - October 2012ExCaL^LeGenDs
ClanWars Warrior Rank - September 2012AzoozWwW.GooGle.Com` (alias IRAQ)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - August 2012ExCaL^HackMaN1ty
ClanWars Warrior Rank - July 2012WwW.GooGle.Com` (alias IRAQ)HuMaN1ty
22 July 1v1 TournamentHaWkY^-HerB-
8 July TournamentWwW.GooGle.Com`[ B ]StoNeD
ClanWars Warrior Rank - June 2012^SpidermanExCaL^
24 June 2v2 TournamentHaWkY^, Mace[DK]Crazy, MrX
10 June 1v1 TournamentWwW.GooGle.Com`Gabi
ClanWars Warrior Rank - May 2012RihannaJamesBonD^
ClanWars Warrior Rank - April 2012-BiG^SiZe^ (alias spooner)WwW.GooGle.Com` (alias scofield)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - February 2012TheAbyss`ReNgO^
Zero Hour World Series 2012**-BiG^SiZe^Ruiz
ClanWars Warrior Rank - January 2012Scotland^xezon (alias 1D10T)

Year 2011

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
2v2 Silver Team Cup-BiG^SiZe^, spaldingExCaL^, HuMaN1ty
1v1 Christmas Rumble-BiG^SiZe^ExCaL^
ClanWars Warrior Rank - November 2011Electrical|JuTsu^
1v1 Halloween Tournament-SeXi`ieePePsi
ClanWars Warrior Rank - October 2011ExCaL^ (alias [MvP]^Iceman^)HuMaN1ty (alias DeMoN`)
Zero Hour 3v3 Nation Cup 2011WwW.GooGle.Com`, -JoKeR-, FlameIORIRaGe^, HuMaN1ty, Opsnyder
1v1 ClanWars TournamentNo^2k3LLflux|pavillion
cXn 1v1 TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`)^KaRRo

Year 2010

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ClanWars Warrior Rank - October 2010HaWkY^ (alias Knock[YoU]Down)-SeXi`iee (alias [sBm]beef)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - September 2010^KaRRo (alias ChiChaCho)RaGe^
2v2 Teampartner Tournament-MaD|Scientist, -MaD|iRonY-FreAk^CaKe, -FreAk^TesTicLe`
7 August 1v1 TournamentAwfuLvK.Da-Chef'
29 July 1v1 TournamentKelevra (alias Rising`)-SeXi`iee
Zero Hour World Series 2010**[OoE]ExCaL^-BiG^SiZe^ (alias HuMBuG)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - February 2010scuba (alias patient)Fargo (alias NuiNa)

Year 2009

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ClanWars Warrior Rank - May 2009Fargo-BiG^SiZe^ (alias -BeaT`)
7 March 1v1 Tournament^spAmmAAjA^themole
28 February 1v1 TournamentMrXxezon
ClanWars Warrior Rank - February 2009vODk1nsChimaera (alias Guitah^)
1v1 Pick Army TournamentOpsnyder (alias plop)^spAmmAAjA^ (alias niggaimhome)
25 February 1v1 Tournament (see replays)MrXxezon
24 January 2v2 Tournament (see replays)-ViTTeL- (alias COLTS), vODk1ns (alias PaTRiOTS)haxcreed, S1ngular1ty
17 January 1v1 Tournament (see replays)Star Ocean (alias Gaycaster)[USAF]-|`F0x`^

Year 2008

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ClanWars Warrior Rank - December 2008ExCaL^ (alias `The^ManiaC`)HaWkY^ (alias -MaD|DeN`09)
27 December 1v1 Tournament (see replays)Opsnyder (alias Moetah)Kelevra (alias Father]Christmas)
20 December 1v1 Tournament (see replays)Kelevra (alias seahawkspatrick)HaWkY^ (alias CaNiWiNaGAiN)
6 December 2v2 Tournamentscuba, HurryUp(no data)
29 November 1v1 TournamentHaWkY^ (alias uCaNtCmE`J.CeNa)scuba (alias -s]C]u|3[a^)
1 November 1v1 Tournament (see replays)HaWkY^ (alias iownu)-IP|SoulSaviour
1v1 ZH Army Tournament (see replays)the mole (alias kidd)taal

Year 2007

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
17 November 1v1 Random Tournament (see replays)FlamzypantsTrAiN^WrEcK (alias -[E]MiL[Y])
13 October 2v2 Random Tournament (see replays)WarCrimes-, zZSaRGeZz^FoRiZzLe, mAnNisL
28 July 1v1 Random Tournament (see replays)bliNd-(no data)
21 July 1v1 Random Tournament (see replays)spalding (alias e=mc2)bliNd- (alias holy)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - May 2007^KaRRo`HuMaN1ty
26 May 1v1 Armies Tournament (see replays)Star Ocean (alias DarkHero)bliNd- (alias holy)
4 May 1v1 Random Tournament (see replays)SimbaHaWkY^ (alias Leeds^Rhinos)

Year 2006

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
German 1v1 EA Zero Hour ChampionshipDackelMCLoTuS
29 July 1v1 Random Tourney (see replays)the mole (alias FaT`bOy)HaWkY^
23 July 2v2 Random TourneybliNd-, Mulitsu (alias iZumi, SadaKo)nerdos, noobke
2 July 1v1 TournamentApollo-StrikeR
ClanWars Warrior Rank - June 2006bliNd- (alias Krusnik)Dackel
25 June 2v2 TournamentbliNd-, MulitsuSparky, harrypotterfan_4668
17 June 1v1 Tournament (see replays)inCredible (alias LoSeRR)[AH]-^MaChiNe
10 June 2v2 TournamentSpell`, ^General (alias ^GaMeOveR`)VeeS, BusseS
ClanWars Warrior Rank - April 2006gameover1LENIN
4 February 2v2 TournamentLoCk-On^, FrOg^Sparky, AeNiMa

Year 2005

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
ClanWars Warrior Rank - December 2005TaChYoN-BiG^SiZe^
ClanWars Warrior Rank - November 2005Dackel(no data)
ClanWars Warrior Rank - October 2005Dackel(no data)
1v1 Tournament 16 October-`p[H]Lite`nitsuj
ClanWars Warrior Rank - September 2005bliNd- (alias Atlanta)-BiG^SiZe^
11 June 2v2 TournamentLoCk-On^, FrOgbliNd- (alias TuPaC^), Mulitsu
Boss Generals 1v1 Tournament 21 MayPaffe (alias Powerslave)^General
7 May 1v1 Knockout TournamentDeus-Ex (alias [Strat-Mod])[SW]Agent

Version 1.03

Year 2005

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
11 March 1v1 Knockout Tournamentelectric (alias [OoE]Knockout)Paffe
4 March 1v1 Knockout TournamentFoksu-S|aMMin^ViNyL-

Version 1.02

Year 2005

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
18 February 1v1 TournamentBL1zZarDTae1

Year 2004

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
18 December 1v1 Knockout TournamentFritzGaMeR
2 October 1v1 Knockout TournamentATtacK`[--Random--]
4 September 1v1 Knockout TournamentRayden-TaP|Jack
24 June 1v1 Original Armies Only Knockout TournamentTRUE[OoE]Trojan
10 June 1v1 Knockout TournamentEfickoSpalding
2v2 Knockout TournamentOmnirai, Impact[FaB]Flame, [FaB]Burn
11 April 1v1 Single Elimination TournamentEficko[DiE]Adrenalin
1v1 Knockout TournamentDemon1c[--Random--]

Tallies are computed by assigning the value of 1 point for the winner of each tournament. Events with two stars are significant events requiring either highly sustained periods or extremely high intensity of competition and are assigned 3 points for winning, while runners-up earn 2 points. One-starred events are worth more than most tournaments due to prolonged competition and highly skilled player base, but not as much as double-starred events. Winners of a one-star event get 2 points, and the runners-up a single point.

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Concept by Maverick199; writing, editing by Plokite_Wolf; tables created by R Schneider