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World Series 2020 - The Results

By Leikeze - 25th July 2020 - 13:51 PM

Greetings Commanders!

Our greatest and the most highlighted event, of the year, has been finished! In this page, we're going to take a step back and look at the matches, and how they've unfolded.

With the remarkable assistance of streaming services from the newly popped up, and old-school, casters alike, all of the matches have received a video-commentary! All of the broadcasts, made to each round, can be found in - ZH TV - WS2020 Stream Box topic.

Final Tournament Grid

IPB Image

Link to the Event's Replays

Trailer for the Final Showdown

Final Standings:

IPB Image BoYcaH

IPB Image ExCaL

IPB Image Crazy

Hall of Fame for World Series Champions

Winner 2010: ExCaL
Winner 2011: SiZe
Winner 2012: SiZe
Winner 2013: KaRRo
Winner 2014: RaGe
Winner 2015: SiZe
Winner 2016: DoMiNaToR
Winner 2017: dk.crazy
Winner 2018: SeX`iie
Winner 2019: Logica
Winner 2020: BoYcaH

The Winner's Word

An interview was held between both ExCaL and BoYcaH, at the end of the stream, of grand finals, (time stamp - 4:29:29), giving a chance to both parties to describe their side of the engagement.

Finals of ExCaL vs BoYcaH

Highlighted matches of the tournament

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