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World Series 2021 - FAQ

By ~JoKeR~ - 15th April 2021 - 19:00 PM

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Greetings General!

With the World Series 2021 two weeks away, we thought a topic with some clear details would be beneficial for the community.
You have Questions?, we have Answers!

How to Qualify:

In order to be eligible to check in at WS2021 you have to rank amongst the top 150 players of the official C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder or amongst the top 50 players in the Clan Wars.cc Ladder.

The 39 highest ranked players to check in from the C&C:Online Ladder will then be entered into the tournament alongside the 25 highest ranked from the ClanWars Ladder.

Please note the seeding for the tournament will also be influenced by your C&C:Online or ClanWars rank so make sure to secure the highest rank possible!

How does the Seeding work?:

First 16 ClanWars Ladder in Pot 1
First 16 C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder Pot 2
Next 9 ClanWars Ladder in Pot 3
Next 7 C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder in Pot 3
Next 16 C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder in Pot 4

All expert titled players that are in Pot 3 or Pot 4 are automatically moved in Pot 2 and will push bottom players down to Pot 3.

What will the format be?

Gentool version 8.4 mandatory. Upload mode has to be on!

Round 1 - Best of 9
Round 2 - Best of 11
Round 3 - Best of 11
Round 4 (Quarter Finals) - Best of 13
Round 5 (Semi Finals) - Best of 13
Round 6 (Finals and 3rd place) - Best of 13

Random Reverse, unless the players can agree on a matchup. Mirrors are not reversed
Decider: Mirror (see below for each round), unless:
If you get an odd number of mirrors (1, 3, 5) before the decider, you play random reverse until the end
  • Round 1: If the score is 4-4 the deciding match has to be a GLA Stealth mirror.
  • Round 2: If the score is 5-5 the deciding match has to be a China Nuke Mirror.
  • Round 3: If the score is 5-5 the deciding match has to be a GLA Demolition mirror.
  • Round 4: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a USA Laser Mirror.
  • Round 5: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a China Tank mirror.
  • Round 6: If the score is 6-6 the deciding match has to be a USA Airforce Mirror.
What is the Map Pool?

The Maps for the upcoming World Series 2021 has been decided after voting here.

Map List

  1. [RANK] TD NoBugsCars ZH v1
  2. [RANK] Snowy Drought v4
  3. [RANK] Vendetta ZH v1
  4. [RANK] Sand Scorpion
  5. [RANK] Arctic Lagoon
  6. [RANK] Forgotten Air Battle v6
  7. [RANK] Desolated District ZH v1
  8. [RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2
  9. [RANK] Liquid Gold ZH v2
  10. [RANK] Natural Threats ZH v3
  11. [RANK] [NMC] Summer Arena
  12. [RANK] Tournament Delta ZH v2
  13. Canyon Frost ZH v1
  14. Farmlands of the Fallen ZH v3
  15. Planet Coyon v1
Please keep in mind that only the latest versions will be used for the Mega Event.

Download Link for Planet Coyon v1
Download Link for Farmlands of the Fallen ZH v3
Download Link for Canyon Frost ZH v1

Who chooses the first map?

The top player in the bracket match-up will choose first map, then each map pick will alternate between the players. For the semi finals and the finals, the higher numbered seed will choose first map

When will sign ups start?

Sign ups will start May 1st in a sign up topic. Sign ups will end May 4th. On that day Xezon will live stream the bracket drawing.

How can I donate to the prize pool?

Topic with all information about how to donate to can be found here

I have a friend who is high ranked but doesn't have a account here, can he play?

Yes, but he will need to make an account here at Game Replays so that he can sign up in the topic when they open.

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