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World Series 2021 - Qualify in April!

By ~JoKeR~ - 25th March 2021 - 18:01 PM

Greetings Generals!

Its that time of the year again! The World Series is ready to come back with a bang! Since last year, we have seen unprecedented activity both casual and competitive -wise for this great game, and it is our honor & pleasure to announce this year's Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: World Series for the month of May with the qualification month taking place in April.

The WS2021 will be staged as a 64 players' single-elimination tournament allowing one legend to crown himself as the ZH World Champion.

How to Qualify:

In order to be eligible to check in at WS2021 you have to rank amongst the top 150 players of the official C&C:Online 1v1 Ladder or amongst the top 50 players in the Clan Wars.cc Ladder.

The 39 highest ranked players to check in from the C&C:Online Ladder will then be entered into the tournament alongside the 25 highest ranked from the Clan Wars Ladder.

Please note the seeding for the tournament will also be influenced by your C&C:Online or Clan Wars rank so make sure to secure the highest rank possible!

Get ready for the most prestigious ZH tournament and stay tuned for further news.

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