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WS2013 Quarter Finals now!

By cncHD - 28th February 2013 - 23:28 PM

Hello Generals,

the World Series 2013 is drawing closer to it's conclusion with the start of the Quarter Finals! Check the matchups in the Brackets image below. The deadline for playing your matches is on the 5th of March. The format is Best of 7, random armies unless both players agree to play a matchup.


IPB Image

You can find the results and replays of the first and second round in our Replay Event!

Map of the Quarter Finals: Forgotten Forest

IPB Image

This round will be played on Forgotten Forest. Both players start with 1 supply dock and several supply crates, which enables the Chinese factions to go dual supply, increasing their fighting chances considerably. The fights on this map tend to concentrate around the supply crates (as they are easily harrassable) and the two oil platforms located at the top and bottom corner.

The Player Pool of the Quarter Finals

German Players:
germany checker12345 (Noobfighter)

Russian Community Players:
armenia ZoRo(ARM)

English Players:
england Scuba
uk ShockNdAwe

Arabic Players:
iraq WwW.GooGle.Com`
jordan -TRappER^

Other Europe:
switzerland ^KaRRo

South America:
argentina `ReNgO^

Highlighted Matchups:

-TRappER^ vs `ReNgO^:
Winning 1:0 against ^Gandalf in the first round and putting up a good fight against TaZ^MaNy- with a score of 3:2 in the second round -TRappER^ now has to fight against a very good player from South America! His opponent `ReNgO^ will not hold back when their fight will start on Forgotten Forest. Winning against -BuzZaRd^ flawless and winning 3:2 in a tough match against trve^viking `ReNgO^ is more than ready to give -TRappER^ a worthy opponent in the third round. Some very entertaining matches are guaranteed!

^KaRRo vs ZoRo(ARM):
One beast of a player, ^KaRRo went over Mr.Zomback with a score of 3:0 in the 1st round and defeated Aoenian 3:1 in the second round. You can expect no mercy from him in a tournament like the World Series. ^KaRRo showed in the first two rounds that he is ready to move on to the finals. But now he has to face ZoRo(ARM). Winning 3:1 vs Orlangur in the first Round and receiving a free ticket in the 2nd round due to some problems with saving the Replays and replaying the matches ZoRo(ARM) must be on his toes when fighting against ^KaRRo. One mistake and the match will be over soon. Will he be able to stop the Expert from Switzerland? Let's find out!

Noobfighter vs ShockNdAwe:
Both Players are on a very high skill level and hate each other a lot. Therefore we can expect some really good Games from both Players, because noone will hold back in this fight. Noobfighter almost had a flawless win streak at his first 2 rounds. With only loosing 1 game against his mate GENTOOL* in the first round and managed to win all other matches. His opponent ShockNdAwe didn't had such a good start like Noobfighter does. Facing -Revo in the first Round and FlameIORI in the second he went to the 3rd round with 6 wins and 4 losses. Let's hope for some very entertaining matches between Noobfighter and ShockNdAwe and may the better and smarter player win the fight!

Already played Matchups:

WwW.GooGle.Com` vs Scuba :
Round 1 and 2 went flawless for GooGle. Winning 3:0 against -|HaWkY^ and 3:0 against -Ruiz^^ he had a tough start but didn't let his guard down even once. He showed us how he improved during the last months and that he is not easy to beat. As GooGle's opponent we had Scuba who also went to the 3rd Round with 1 loss and 6 wins. 110 spectators on xezon's Livestream realy had some great games to watch, when GooGle and Scuba fought hard till the end in all of their 4 matches. Congratulations to Scuba winning the 3rd Round over GooGle with a 4:0 flawless victory!

All their games can be found in our Replay Event.

IPB Image

Arrange your matches for the Quarter Finals now!