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WS2013 - Semi Finals start now!

By cncHD - 5th March 2013 - 00:38 AM

Good day Generals,

the World Series 2013 has advanced to the Semi Finals! Four players are left and all of them want to win the money and to get the glory for winning the cup. The first Player will receive money via paypal and an EA PC game. The second place will get an EA PC game, too. The deadline for playing your matches is Saturday, March 9th. The format is Best of 7, random armies unless both players agree to play a matchup.


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You can find the results and replays of the first, second and third round in our Replay Event!

Map of the Semi Finals: Barren Badlands

IPB Image

The Semi Finals will be played on Barren Badlands. This is one of the most balanced maps. The player positions are basically mirrored, and both have equal chances to grab the supplies and oils. USA does not dominate as much as on other maps, as their secondary is pretty vulnerable to harassment unless they decide to fortify it, which would put them in a defensive position. China has a decent chance versus GLA as there are no real choke points in between the two bases, while there is plenty opportunity to flank dragon tanks.

The Player Pool of the Semi Finals

English Players:
england Scuba
uk ShockNdAwe

Other Europe:
switzerland ^KaRRo

South America:
argentina `ReNgO^

The Matchups:

Scuba vs `ReNgO^
This is going to be a big fight! Scuba, Expert on Gamereplays and one very high skilled Player from england went over GooGle in the third round with an amazing victory of 4:0. In the first and second Round he also won every match except for one, which was against ^RiNgO in the first Round. He is more than pumped for the match against his opponent. `ReNgO^, a very high skilled Player from Argentina is already waiting for Scuba in the semi finals. With 10 wins and 3 losses he kicked -BuzZaRd^, trve^viking and -TRappER^ out of the World Series. Let's hope that both Players will agree to fair matchups and give the community very entertaining footage to spectate.

^KaRRo vs ShockNdAwe
Finishing ZoRo(ARM) with a 4:0 victory and finishing his opponent of very quickly ^KaRRo now stands in the semi finals and till now nothing was able to stop him. Only lossing one game vs Aoenian in the second Round, ^KaRRo winning all other Rounds flawless. But now he has to prepare himself against his new opponent in the semi finals! ShockNdAwe, a high skilled Player from the UK is ready and showed his skills in the quarter finals against Noobfighter winning it with a close 4:3 victory. ShockNdAwe managed to win all Rounds just barely and has now the Expert Player from switzerland as opponent. Will he win this match in a very close fight too, or is ^KaRRo going to stomp him, like he did with all other opponents? Let's find out within the next day! Hopefully we will get a stream for those matches!

IPB Image

Arrange your matches for the Semi Finals now!