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WS2017 - What has happened so far?

By Ka$$aD - 19th August 2017 - 10:31 AM

The Zero Hour World Series 2017 has started into the third round that are the quarter finals already. We have seen a lot of exciting games in the first two rounds as well as some surprising results. Let me guide you through the most fascinating moments once again and let us have a look at some players' thoughts.

One of the most promising title contenders, expert player -DoMiNaToR-, had to struggle against newcomer Kuschelmaus to even reach the second round. The final result was a very close 4-3 victory for our expert. Replays can be found here. I have conducted a short interveiw with Kuschelmaus about his experience in the WS2017:

Interview with Kuschelmaus aka PeterSpeisebecher

Gamereplays // Ka$$aD: Have you ever participated in a GameReplays event before or was this your first tournament?
PeterSpeisebecher: First tournament.

GR // Ka$$aD: How have you heard about the ZH World Series 2017 and why have you decided to participate?
PeterSpeisebecher: For fun and ggs!

GR // Ka$$aD: As an unknown player you had to face one of the most famous players in this day and age directly in the first round. What was your feeling when you have heard that you have to play against –DoMiNaToR-?
PeterSpeisebecher: I was a bit disappointed.

GR // Ka$$aD: You have put up a very good fight. What was going round in your head when you were so close to victory?
PeterSpeisebecher: The 6th game with me tox and domi swg was a clear win for me i think at a certain Point. Losing from there is disappointing for sure. But i also got the impression that i managed to play quite well actually so im more happy about the ggs.

But most importantly it made me think more clearly about what really makes an elite player. Comparing me and Domi for example, heīs better for sure but thereīs actually not that much missing in terms of speed and tactics. What makes him better is micro and superior decisionmaking in certain situations. The problem is that these skills have to be aquired in a veeeeery long time of practise, which iīm for sure not willing to put in. This game will remain really fun, but the amout of lifetime you have to spend to really get to the top level is by no means worth it in my opinion. Thatīs why i won't take this game more seriously and at maximum play for fun purely when i got nothing else to do.

GR // Ka$$aD: You have added some extra excitement to this World Series. Will we be able to enjoy your attendance in future GameReplays tournaments as well?
PeterSpeisebecher: Probably not.

GR // Ka$$aD: There are a lot of rumours circulating about your true identity. Do you have a past regarding clanwars.cc, are you a known Gameranger player, do you have any more known nicknames? Would you like to bring light into the darkness or rather remain a mystery?
PeterSpeisebecher: ;-)
Apart from that i would like to say that despite the shit going on in the communiy, which i dont care about, i really like to see ggs at expert level. And even though occasional discussions and even iInsults can be a part, this should not keep us from getting together and producing cool matches. Maybe we can get another 1v1 tournament with other good players like Logica or Google and others included. Sexiie, Crazy, Domi, etc. involved if they want to ofc. Maybe a small prize pool is enough and we can do tournaments more often if there's cool games and not much drama. Less talking, more playing...
Also this community hasnīt yet realised to full extend that there are a lot of semi pros wanting to become better, who are quite active on revora and helped me improve a lot. Amazing to see that still new players are coming! Have fun playing and feel free to join my game for fun if you see me around!

GR // Ka$$aD: Thank you for that short interview.

-DoMiNaToR-'s next opponent was -SeX`iie who ended our expert's road to victory with a close 4-3 win. Those epic replays can be found here, watching them is highly recommended. -SeX`iie has already won his quarter finals match against BasketBall^ and is the first player who has entered the semifinals.

Go to the next page to hear about BoYcaH0's and `ReNgO^'s thoughts about their fierce encounter.