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GenTool 1.8 With New Anti Cheat Solution & Extras

By xezon - 24th November 2010 - 03:14 AM

Welcome Generals! GenTool has been updated with some terrific new features including a new anti cheat tool. It is 100% ACETON & Multiplayer compatible. Check it out!

GenTool 1.8 Download


GenTool comes now with an Anti Cheat Solution for CCG and ZH.
Just like ACETON, it will not show you if your opponent is using Maphack. Instead it will collect data from your play session and Upload them on our file server.

Using GenTool together with ACETON can doubly protect tournaments and other interesting events.

1. UPLOAD MODE (aka Anti Cheat)

- Allows opponent to see images on how you saw your game
- Saves all Replays on your Computer
- Instant uploads your Replays without extra work
- Generates Quick Replay Information
- Easy to use - requires no extra program launch or registration
- Transparent results accessible for anyone

- Additional Upload Traffic
- No RepInfo detection
- Does not prevent/ban cheating
- No automatic Cheat detection

By default, upload mode is turned on. You can toggle it on and off using Delete button. Upload mode will upload images and replays after your match finished. During upload, you can still start a new game. If you attempt to quit the application during upload, the game will pause and wait till upload is complete.
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Replays and Replay Information will be kept save in your
C:GenToolReplaysGameDate folder. If an image failed upload, it will be saved there too.
Generating an image in your game will pause your game for 5 to 10 milliseconds. This is a 100th of a second or 0.01 FPS. This means it will not influence your gaming experience at all.

All uploaded data can be browsed at tiberiumweb.com/gentool Data for ZH and CCG are split in separate folders.

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2. JPG screenshot

You can also take an JPG image instead of a BMP shot. Simply press F11 and it saves a new screenshot in C:GenToolShots.

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- Game does not lag
- Never crashes window mode
- Smaller file size

- Lower quality than BMP

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3. Camera pitching

If you launch GenTool 1.8 with Zero Hour 1.4 (no TFD) you will be able to pitch the camera angle during matches and replays. Just press and hold PgDown or PgUp (Numpad 3/9) to alter the angle. You can reset the camera to the default pitch by pressing HOME (Numpad 7).

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IPB Image

4. Scroll speed

If you launch GenTool 1.8 with Zero Hour 1.4 (no TFD) you can also change the scroll speed. You can adjust the speed by pressing PLUS (+) or MINUS (-) on Numpad.

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Developer Team:

Programmer: xezon
Upload hoster: Nasty (Awful)
Tester: FLAME FIST, Bodyslam, Svunjar

Previous Releases:

Version 1.0
Version 1.4

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