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CNC Zero Hour Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

#92 - 16/11/08 - USA Supply gathering trick

Sunday, 16 Nov 2008
Welcome to the 92nd Tip of the Week written by Rising as he obviously has too much spare time on his hands. This week's tip is a little-known trick on gaining a slight economic advantage with USA which can be particularly useful early on. What is it? By micromanaging your Chinooks it is possible...
Gameplay Tip

#91 - 22/09/08 - Bugged Units #1 - Infantry

Monday, 22 Sep 2008
This month we’ll be having a look at all the units that don’t listen to the orders that you give because they’re complete idiots. It’s bugged unit month! This week we’ll be having a look at the bugged infantry units that are just so frustrating. Written by...
Gameplay Tip

#90 - 13/09/08 - China's Troop Transports

Saturday, 13 Sep 2008
Welcome to the 90th TotW! This week's tip was written by Flamzypants and is all about China's infantry transport units. China's infantry are incredibly powerful when in large groups due to their horde bonus but require transportation because of their lack of speed. These transport units are...
Gameplay Tip

#89 - 03/09/08 - Clearing Mines With Tech-Terrors

Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008
Tired of mines pwning your techs in those rare occasions when you’re losing to China as GLA? Still feel like using Tech/Terrors, even with well-placed mines? Well this is the tip for you!This week, we’re going to be checking out ways to clear mines with single-tech harassments vs. Chinese armies...
Gameplay Tip

#88 - 02/7/08 - Creating an Inordinately Long Name

Wednesday, 2 Jul 2008
This tip has been brought to you by your venerable Game Admin EteRnaL, and deals with how to create and extra-long name for in-game use. This tip is shorter than usual since both of our normal tip writers are on leave, but we hope that you enjoy and find great use out of this tip nonetheless....
Gameplay Tip

#87 - 18/06/08 - Garrison Tricks

Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008
Garrisoning buildings is a pretty common thing to do in ZH. This week, we’ll be looking at little tricks that would make garrisoning a lot more useful to you new players!EvacuatingThis consists of evacuating structures before a structure-cleaning unit gets to you. Since they usually lock on,...
Gameplay Tip

#86 - 11/06/08 - Countering Boxed Supplies

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008
When playing against any faction you will come across a method of protecting supply collectors and dozers called boxing (The use of structures to protect the units). In these situations it can be difficult to harass your opponents economy thus making your early game attacks less effective....
Gameplay Tip

#85 - 04/06/08 - Tech-up Possibilities as Nuke

Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008
The nuke general is one of the most powerful armies when teched up, as he has great use of nuclear energy. His army is also the best army to tech up early with. However, it is hard chosing what to build once you tech up. This tip will cover what units you could create to win the matchup.There are...
Gameplay Tip

#84 - 28/06/08 - The Strategy Centre

Wednesday, 28 May 2008
The USA Strategy Centre is one of the most vital structures to a mid-late game USA. Not only does it give access to tech units, structures,upgrades and full map view, but it boosts the effectiveness of your units (Not to mention that it can have a huge stealth detection radius, act as a...
Gameplay Tip

#83 - 21/04/08 - Stopping Early Dragon Tanks on FE

Wednesday, 21 May 2008
The most problematic event that can happen in 2v2s on Fallen Empire is having your secondary supply burnt down by a dragon tank as soon as it’s constructed. There are plenty of solutions to this, and they shall all be described in this week’s tip!TechnicalsTechnicals are most probably the first...