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CNC Zero Hour Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tip

Video Tip - Why you should always build a fake barracks

Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016
Hello Generals!We all know that frustrating moment as a GLA player to lose a worker right before his tunnel site was completed. As a China player it is sometimes easy to run over enemy workers at the beginning, denying an early spreading of tunnels whereas against other enemies you are always a...
Gameplay Tip

Video Tip - How to determine if enemy cargo unit is full or empty

Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011
Hello Generals! How many times have you faced your enemy invading your base by two Techincals and you were having a hard time to find out which one's loaded with Terrorists? Countless times, right? Of course, you got a 50/50 chance and you win some, you lose some... Not anymore! FlameIORI and...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #124 - Killing Worker inside Scaffolds

Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
Welcome Generals to a new Tip of the Week. This time you will be taught by the great General Hackworth who was willing to share his expertise of warfare with us. Read what he has to say!Very often in games against any GLA, you will stumble upon workers constructing a building which you definitely...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #123 - Cash Bounty

Friday, 14 May 2010
Welcome to the 123th TotW! This weeks tip will be a short but very useful tip about a trick that has helped me countless times. I didn't know about this trick for most of my ZH time and I'm sure many others still don't know about it, so it's time to share that knowledge! The trick I'm referring...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #122 - Grouping MDs and Humvees

Friday, 4 Dec 2009
Missile Defenders are the USA factions type of rocket infantry. Because of his ability to laser lock targets, which increase his range and firing frequency, he is the most feared anti vehicle infantry unit in the game. For further discussion on the Missile Defender check out Sparky's terrific MD...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #121 - Guarding Rocket Pods

Friday, 27 Nov 2009
Guarding Rocket PodsThe Rocket Pod upgrade enables Comanches to unleash a barrage of missiles onto a certain spot causing a great deal of damage onto a small area. While this is very destructive against buildings, versus a clever opponent who spreads his units out and doesn't stay still it isn't...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #120 - Blocking Units

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2009
Blocking UnitsZero Hour isn't a non-contact sport so don't be scared of a little physical contact. There are several scenarios where blocking your opponents is to your advantage which I'll explain.The most common application is when fighting outposts. Outposts have a high resistance to bullet...
Gameplay Tip

Zero Hour Tip of the Week #119 - King Raptor Suicide

Friday, 6 Nov 2009
This week's tip is about how to destroy your enemies own airfield by "controlling" their King Raptors.As everyone knows King Raptors are the most powerful and strongest air unit of all the factions. Without countering them properly, defeat is inevitable. The Raptor's Point Defense Laser (PDL) can...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #118 - Tournament Desert Garrisons

Monday, 5 Oct 2009
The focal point of the primary 1v1 map, Tournament Desert, is the collection of buildings in the centre of the map. They have the ability to reveal great areas of the fog of war, secure map control and provide garrisons to make infantry more deadly.It is therefore a good idea to prevent your...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #117 - Advanced Demo Trapping

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2009
A common method used to stop workers building offensive tunnels is to build a demo trap next to your enemy's worker. The demo trap then explodes killing your opponents worker and possibly the tunnel scaffold if it is less than ~60% complete.The instinctive thing to do is to build your demo trap...