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CNC Zero Hour

CvG vs Spalding OMG WTF BBQ!

#1scuba  Feb 25 2010, 14:36 PM -
Unglaubliche spiele!
Unbelievable game
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#2-sTig3diG`uP-  Feb 25 2010, 16:02 PM -
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Big Game, airmobs own!

entertaining till the end.

#3AwfuL  Feb 25 2010, 16:34 PM -
Where to start..

I was afraid Spalding was going to make the same mistake as a lot of GLA players do when they play versus a good chinav player, which is to mix too many scorpions and tech up too quickly, then end up getting raped by china's air units. I was pleased to see mostly quadspam after that. Still, i think dual arms dealer quad spam would have won him the game pretty fast, as his micro was quite solid and scuba was mainly spamming helixes. Sometimes simple spam can be the way to win smile.gif

I thought there was quite some unnecessary waste of GLA's units though, mainly when he popped out of tunnels that were under attack. Near the end he wasted quite a few quads and his jarmen aswell.. The outcome of the game could have been different if he had not lost those units.

Scuba played well, considering this is a (very) though matchup. I would have liked to see black napalm migs, they are are better at killing tunnels than anything else, and they're great for picking off quads that are retreating from outposts, for example. He could have secured the middle better, he got a bit lucky IMO that Spalding didn't decide to attack the middle (or at least the right side of it).

Overall a very good watch.
#4Fargo  Feb 25 2010, 16:59 PM -
NICe GAME ! Spalding pwned, btw when u gonna play vs me spalding? wacko.gif
#5`LoVe'iS'GoNe  Feb 25 2010, 17:06 PM -
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well done

#6HaWkY^  Feb 25 2010, 17:34 PM -
Was a nice game , scuba only won this from luck. Spalding made 3 very bad pops, I counted 3 might of been more, that decided this game for scuba imo.

#7M4CHIN3GUN  Feb 25 2010, 17:50 PM -
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Ya Scuba played this well , had steady attacking from China and without getting to aggresive and losing his Lix's. Overall was a great watch , wasnt 1 sided and few mistakes by both made it good. I thought in the beginning when spalding took out weak supplies and had multiple quads and few scorp's was enough to keep going and possibly do more damage bcause at that time Scuba had few ground units and Lix's couldnt have countered that.. But anyway GG by both wil WUBB
#8xezon  Feb 25 2010, 19:47 PM -

scuba only won this from luck.

Balancing out his bad army luck.
#9HaWkY^  Feb 25 2010, 20:04 PM -
Must be the first game all month he has got bad armys in random.
#10scuba  Feb 25 2010, 20:34 PM -
Todays games i had vs Excal >

Nuke vs tox
ChinaV vs tox

vs spalding

China vs GLA

vs Sexiie

nuke vs tox
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