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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Exciting match to the last building

Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
#1Ka$$aD  May 21 2017, 09:31 AM -
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Nuke versus random, turned out to be a fight to the death. Sneaky warfactories, sneaky attacks, excitement to the last building!
#2Leikeze  May 26 2017, 16:48 PM -
HoldMyBeeR(Nuke) vs KaSSaD-(vGLA) on TDNoBugsCars

Here we have a very nice game with some length to it(20:06 minutes), and some meat as well; Lots of action, good variety, Generals Powers stay in play. High speed intense engagements, and slow-methodical progress. And the replay does indeed live up to be just what the title reads.

Comments on KaSSaD-:
  • Great map control at the start, but even good Ol'Kassad doesn't make 5/6 worker on his supplies all the time; Your second supply was on 4/3/4 workers for quite a while.
  • Good going for his Dozer with your first attack(with the technical), that always adds good pressure.
  • A big distance of time to the oil capture is dangerous on TD, because it can hold back your game, but considering your starting strategy and the pressure you had with the attack behind your base I can understand, but come on, you have to take that oil before 8:16. tongue.gif
  • Good pushing down the side whilst the middle was under siege, but some priority should have been placed on getting Jarmen Kell onto the field at, or before that point.
  • O the things Dominator would have to say about that under-manned Palace. tongue.gif You really should have filled it and defended it, as opposed to losing a bunch of Scorpions to his defenses on the Bottom-left; Although, I will say, that I am on the outside looking in, so I don't know if you knew about the Nuke Cannon, or his defenses, or not.
  • Bunker Overlords absolutely dominate Scorpion armies, so in defense of your base you had nearly no-chance of stopping his advance without two-buses and buggies mixed in(which you couldn't have had from earlier). sad.gif A mob may have also worked, having Kell snipe out the Gatling Overlord then the mob charging in with your Scorpion along with Kell on Attack Move to stop the Tank Hunter from getting into the Overlord.
  • Trying to rebuild your production as GLA is terribly difficult, especially against such an abusive general as Nuke who can just ram Battlemasters into your supplies; But there isn't much I can say by the time you lost your main base, you did everything you could. Filling that middle building with RPG's would have really helped against his army at 12:40, which only had 1 ECM for its defense.
  • When Kell died. sad.gif Then the Palace. sad.gif - You could have tried to go back to your first supply, as it still had $22,425 in it, but he may have just come and run it over.
  • Taking that Dragon Tank and trying to flame-wall his base away at the end was fantastic. laugh.gif
  • Overall very good speed throughout the game and an Iron will; Lots of multi-purpose attacks and paying attention to more than one side at a time. GG

Comments on HoldMyBeeR:
  • Tough start with the GLA already having map-control(Always gotta watch that), but what a move dropping a Dragon behind his supply and doing some very good damage; Taking out the Arms Dealer of a GLA player is always a big deal.
  • That Nuclear Bomb Helix wub.gif Like a man after my own heart using that against GLA.
  • You also could have taken your oil sooner.
  • You desparetly needed to take control of the middle away from your opponent, and though you put pressure on it, you didn't micro your units quite enough to avoid a nuclear explosion from stopping your own advance. post-13661-1143531603.gif
  • When attacking the middle on TD with Overlords and ECM's always remember to keep your ECM's in a position to deter incoming missiles from all directions, not just from one side.
  • Very good aggression and use of Generals Points throughout the game against his base and in your defense, but your first bomber would have done better had it been used on his other supple(on the left); Also, you should have reinforced your attack on his base, or just sent something to attack somewhere else at the same time with what else you were building.
  • Saving your oil would have been an easy task, and it should have been one you thought of more.
  • Once you knew that his unit production was halted you should have done everything you could do with what you had to destroy him from the middle and take out any Tunnels you could find(GLA is dead without Arms Dealers/Barracks).
  • You really should have taken out his oil with your first base attack(Oils are priority targets).
  • You were very impressive with your defense, he almost never got a chance to do damage to your base; But you could have more aggressively gone after his hold-outs, but hey, you did great. wink.gif
  • Overall very good aggression, Generals Points usage, defense, persistence, and keeping variety on the field(HelixBomb/BunkerLords). GG

This replay is nice, clean, and tough enough for both side, so I don't have to mark it as a bash. I'll rate this one at a 7/10 for my entertainment. Both players played well and it was a GG.
#3peppacollecta  Jun 2 2017, 15:46 PM -
Replays: 14
thanks for the review mate, I had to be at my best to win against him, if I was tank or vchina I wouldn't of won this game
#4Leikeze  Jun 3 2017, 01:23 AM -
QUOTE(peppacollecta @ Today, 10:46 AM)
thanks for the review mate, I had to be at my best to win against him, if I was tank or vchina I wouldn't of won this game

I had no idea that it was you; I just thought it was some random decent player.

You should upload more replays so I can study your strategies. innocent.gif
#5Ka$$aD  Jun 7 2017, 13:05 PM -
Video commentary by Jundiyy available:
Video commentary
#6ToxicShock  Jun 13 2017, 13:43 PM -

Replay of the Week for this one. Congratulations both of you. Nice work peppacollecta, picking up your first Award. Looking forward to seeing you wearing some more, now you're on a roll.
#7Fairmount  Jun 14 2017, 10:05 AM -
Replays: 1 Game:
peppa can now consider playing another map ! biggrin.gif
#8peppacollecta  Jun 14 2017, 10:35 AM -
Replays: 14
Yeah maybe TD open middle next time 😇
#9Leikeze  Jun 14 2017, 23:27 PM -
QUOTE(peppacollecta @ Today, 05:35 AM)
Yeah maybe TD open middle next time 😇

That'd be better than playing just one map. wacko.gif

I play all 72(ish) 1 vs 1 maps, and Jeremy plays a ton as well; It's fun to have something different all the time to keep you on your toes, even if it does make you seem like a noob on TD. tongue.gif
#10Ka$$aD  Apr 28 2018, 07:58 AM -
Replays: 600 Game:
Silver Replay Award for this one. Congratulations Kassad and peppacollecta. Awards handed out.
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