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CNC Zero Hour

[R] SiZe (STH) vs LoGica (nuke)

[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
#1Logica  Jun 28 2017, 21:14 PM -
Replays: 102 Game:
Sick game, high level play from size..enjoy
#2Leikeze  Jun 30 2017, 02:15 AM -
FiReSToRm(Nuke) vs -BiG^SiZe^(Stealth)

This is a top of the line replay, with the top two players in Zero Hour at the moment of leaving this review(IMHO). As of leaving this review these players are -BiG^SiZe^/172(60%W/L) vs LoGica/113(40%W/L) - Total games: 285 according to Shatabrick.com H2H Stats. The game takes off with some very high speed macro and micro action, with the SiZe going at 110%, which goes on the length of the entire match against Logica, who was going just as hard, but with less success.

Comments on FiReSToRm:
  • Left supply was placed just a millimeter too close, causing the Supply Trucks to go all around the building to collect.
  • I'll assume you weren't paying attention to your BM that ran over the Terrorist in your base. tongue.gif But good offensive BM's, taking out his Workers at his supplies, and keeping pressure on; Throughout the game you never let him have any peace on his left-supply. thum.gif
  • You missed the Worker coming up the left side to build Tunnels toward your base with your BM that was heading down that way, had you seen it and killed him, it would have saved you some moments in which you could have been attacking his base.
  • That Super Technical brought such grief, too bad you didn't focus it down when you could(just as it was scrapped). Good thing you got it later on with Lotus as revenge.
  • Although late(9:44), it is good that you took your oil immediately after Lotus was on the field, as no to lose any more time; You did have a few good excuses for not taking it earlier this game.
  • Very good Bomber+Artillery combo destroying his Supply Stash and Arms Dealer(no AD means no GLA opposition).
  • Ah man, it came down to the dreaded cashless battle in the late game(where you keep losing money by trying to take more), not much you can do differently at that point. post-13661-1143531603.gif
  • Overall: Very well played, using all means necessary to bring about victory, but didn't stop any Tunnels coming up the sides the whole game; An Outpost could have been used on each side(it could have been done this game) to stop him from getting Tunnels up so close to you base, denying him his speed advantage(in that sense).
Comments on -BiG^SiZe^
  • Nice free kill on his 2nd BM with that scouting Terrorist, and perfect defense with your Technicals and RPG-Troopers during the early game.
  • Good oil capture time.
  • Very nice sneaky Tunnels up the left side. thumb.gif Caught him completely off-guard(apparently).
  • I understand that you left your Quads in a group and didn't move them because you wanted them to do maximum damage against his BM's, but you could have saved a few in the early game.
  • That Super Technical use just made me feel younger, because the thing never stopped moving! that was just perfect. w00t.gif
  • Camouflaged distance collection on the right-side(middle) is a very good move, which was completely missed by him as it paid itself up; People should learn from this, as it can be a helpful tactic as Stealth in any MU.
  • Good take out on his oil at that point in the game, with his income soon to dwindle, and then taking that Overlord was a very critical few seconds.
  • Popping Lotus off like that with Kell almost looked like MH, along with sniping out that Overlord; It just worked out so well.
  • Those constant Tunnels up the sides, coupled with frontal attacks and retreats are the peak of what Stealth can do against it's opponents.
  • Overall: Near perfect Stealth play during most of the game. A few microscopic micro/macro losses, which pale in comparison to all that went right in this game.
I will give this replay a 9/10 for my entertainment and a 10/10 skill rating. A Wub is highly suggested. wub.gif
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#3Logica  Jun 30 2017, 06:47 AM -
Replays: 102 Game:
Nice review. Size just played perfectly, usually I would have won that.
#4Leikeze  Jun 30 2017, 22:24 PM -
I have followed you GT uploads at times, and it is actually very interesting to see just how even you two are these days.
#5Logica  Jul 1 2017, 22:22 PM -
Replays: 102 Game:
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Yesterday, 23:24 PM)
I have followed you GT uploads at times, and it is actually very interesting to see just how even you two are these days.

Ya pretty close most days. But sum days size can go another level. Hence the 60-40% head to head.

Never the less doubt anyone other than rage can go 40% above vs size.
#6Ka$$aD  Jul 2 2017, 08:44 AM -
Replays: 600 Game:
Silver Replay Award for this one. Congratulations!
#7-DoMiNaToR-  Jul 4 2017, 16:06 PM -
Replays: 163 Game:
Size played really decent: the super tech, successful early-ish oil cap and stealthed 3rd supply won him the game.

Logica had to last much longer than he did for it to get a 9/10 entertainment rating IMO. Towards the end it was quite obvious who was gonna win for me.

I'd say:

Skill rating: 10/10
Entertainment rating: 7/10 due to earlier than I would have liked ending.

#8Leikeze  Jul 4 2017, 17:07 PM -
Thanks for your opinion on it.

It is just how entertained I was watching it. That is why I always want to see other peoples opinions, to be more accurate, but since people only download replays I just have to leave what I thought of it.
#9EgyBoy  Jul 12 2017, 20:27 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Excellent play from both players, what could i say else.

Logica just lose for not focus on base defense when he went for his last attack,
also i think he missed the second nuke bomber just got one tunnel with it.

Ah man, this is first replay i watch GLA STH win against Nuke China.

Fantastic Replay, Wubbed
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