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CNC Zero Hour

|PFF|^*_]LORD[_* Vs [Da]Legend

#1LORD  Sep 20 2009, 23:14 PM -
Enjoy watching any tips gona be nice:)
I still improving cw is the best thing to do this
Thx to all may mates for learning me scuting its key to sucess:)
#2Chimaera  Sep 21 2009, 06:56 AM -
Wasn't really a good game, wasn't close, never thought tank would lose due to the usa failing to kill the gatts at start.

Though it would make it alot easier for the china if he advanced to the middle earlier, make a rax and get some man in the buildings, take the supplys and go for a 3d WF.

Also try using emperors some more, 2 emperors +ecm and a few gatts will completely kill a usa. The gattling turret on top of the emperor outranges the vees so it'll destroy them and the Md's. It's also awesome to heal the damaged gatts and ecm's.

Fro the usa: Build some more crusaders/tomahwaks, they're awesome against tank, definatly with SnD. cruasders/tomahwaks/md spam will be able to deal with the gattlings far easier!
#3hyd`BeXAez  Sep 21 2009, 08:46 AM -
Replays: 82 Game:
I think lord loose this game tongue.gif
He have nothing and DA have vees ohmy.gif
#4LORD  Sep 21 2009, 14:39 PM -
But I always got lucky:D
Chimaera im still improving scuting^^ Mabay if i go middle it will be more easy for me
but..... i gona try this next time thx for tip anyway
Its may cw beginnigs from Zero to Hero:D
#5Opsnyder  Sep 21 2009, 14:49 PM -
I would never go migs as tank. You can't suffer the period of not producing gats out of a WF because you need black napalm + its costs so much to get them. Instead you should of gone mid earlier and got some emperors earlier. The chainguns upgrade could also been very useful this game since you relied so much on gattling tanks early on and your enemy didnt micro well enough.
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