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CNC Zero Hour

[OoE] vs -MaFiA|

#11Spell  Jun 13 2006, 09:48 AM -
nice played blind smile.gif.
wolfgang played kinda bad tho
else u wud have won smile.gif
edit: ooh u won alt tabbed at the part be4 u killed al his quads with the power atacks tongue.gif
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#12GirlZ  Jun 13 2006, 09:53 AM -
QUOTE(DarkTooth @ Jun 13 2006, 08:18 AM) *

What a criminal waste of 2 demo gens... hello?! Neither made their CC for gg dual demo ambush + cash bounty... USAF would have been rendered useless if they just double demo ambushed both his airfields/supply/strat center in one go (obvious if you watch the replay), which they should have done after killing lazer (must have both been level 3)... instead they just kept spamming quads which never works vs USAF, which in this case had gen abilities/stealth coms/8 raps/counter-measures/firebases and strat center on bombardment.

So this replay comes across as very manufactured with one player with gen abilities vs 2 players without, playing like the game was won as soon as Lazer was out. I can understand VGLA/Tox/Stealth not making CC since their rebels are useless vs buildings/air, but demo????? Maybe they didn't want to be 'lame' and thought they could win without... cost them in the end.

LOL @ end where the GLA was surrounding his last buildings with stingers... not a very serious game was it.

Ooh yes, I certainly had the money to first buy a palace ($2500), then the upgrade ($2000) then a CC ($2000), making it a total of $6500 to spare. If I'd have done that I would have NO quads which would've ment we'd be dead waaay sooner. Also, spamming quads doesn't work vs an USAF who is only using air units? frusty.gif

QUOTE(Spell @ Jun 13 2006, 09:48 AM) *

nice played blind smile.gif.
wolfgang played kinda bad tho
else u wud have won smile.gif

He did win. tongue.gif I think if we wouldn't have been so "greedy" to kill him but would have just camped at his unsave and go for a lot more quads we might have won tho. smile.gif

Thnx for comments. smile.gif
#13Spell  Jun 13 2006, 09:56 AM -
np jeroen u ''kankerslet''
#14WarzoneCommand  Jun 13 2006, 10:09 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Great game indeed biggrin.gif

By the way I see the use of the word 'Slet(je)' is becoming popular as greeting among the dutchies tongue.gif
#15Spell  Jun 13 2006, 10:13 AM -
only if u have a sexual relation outside zh like me and jeroen ;(
#16Sparky  Jun 13 2006, 11:57 AM -
Was a good game, but never felt like USAF was going to lose, never. You just knew that even two GLA's didn't stand a chance vs a USAF with a full arsenal of air units. Laser should have camped less and go for a fastish tech to stop the mass Quads. He played shit imo. Very good USAF play, but tbh it's not that hard to beat GLA as some of you say in that stage of the game. Elite yes, but not legendary really. 8/10. Wp.
#17GirlZ  Jun 13 2006, 12:29 PM -
I know that for USAF it's not too hard to stop 2 GLA's once he's reached 3 star and has all those units, but it was still a nice game overall imo.
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#18^spAmmAAjA^  Jun 13 2006, 15:10 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Hiddink & Dackel vs Krusnik & Wolfgang

IPB Image & IPB Image vs IPB Image & IPB Image

Team 2, Dual Demo

Both GLAs made tunnels in the middle but for their suprise there was lpd nook which blocked their RPG missiles. Nice tries to keep middle but USAF had already KRs enough to pull it off. Good job doubling laser, very VERY nice macro imo. Okish stinger sites concerning that AF had commies. Do not sacrifice your RPGs like that (sending them to the AF base) becaue he had KRs and Commies = dead RPGs. Only gave him exp -> gen points. You should have somehow got ambush but both of u were under hard pressure so I quess that was out of question. Nice job getting in USAF base, but gen points + KRs + commanches ate your quads sad.gif If u had sent/sneaked TT on one of his important buildings (suply, he got only money from that one supp all game) or strategy center game might have changed direction (maybe tongue.gif ) U did almost everything u could in that situation, wp.


Team 1, Laser and Air

Nice forward rax (4 rangers) + firebase bo by usaf, totally countered dackel from getting tunnel near your base. Laser should've obviously get search and destroy instead of made Firebases, also poor micro with vees sad.gif Very nice KR use by the USAF player. Destroyed Dackels base and glas middle suplies nicely. Good job getting gen points this way. Nicely killed RPGs with KR LPD defence + commanches. Excellent gen point usage. That carpet in GLAs rpg/quad spam in Lasers base was nice. Later on u just dominated the game with your commanche spam + gen points. Those Spectres at gla suplies were effective. Was entertaning to watch at least tongue.gif

9/10 Mainly because blind played flawlessly tongue.gif

Summary: Overally game was nice watch and if u like watching USAF's gen points and KR/Commanches this is a must watch replay. Wolfgangs mistake to camp with laser instead tech lowered the rating little bit but gg anyway tongue.gif

Entertaiment level: 9/10

Game rating: 8/10

I will add pics later today smile.gif
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#19GirlZ  Jun 13 2006, 15:54 PM -
Thanks for review. smile.gif

I do think we did about everything we could in that situations indeed, USAF is just incredibly strong, also without gen points, so let alone with them. tongue.gif

Perhaps if we'd have just camped instead of attacked right away.. hmmm. ^^
#20  Jun 13 2006, 16:24 PM -
Replays: 444
Good game, 7.5/10. Promoted to elite!!
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