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CNC Zero Hour

Size vs Boycah - AFG Mirror

[RANK] Desert Quadrant ZH v1
[RANK] Desert Quadrant ZH v1
#1CirezD  Apr 2 2020, 18:44 PM -
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This should be silver, really entertaining game.

Plus this was just a test for a new format, guess thats gonna work out ^^
#2-FreeStyLeR-  Apr 3 2020, 07:51 AM -
#3cncHD  Apr 3 2020, 13:26 PM -

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You made me curious. I will have a look at it and record a vod for it
#4Leikeze  Apr 10 2020, 01:17 AM -
It's rare to see an air mirror on a small map, even more rare on a one-supply map. It keeps the action down a notch for the players.

Could use a VOD thanks to it not being a 40 minute game.
#5Mp3  Apr 19 2020, 20:35 PM -

Good game indeed. Wub!

Shame SiZe wasn't able to get the flashes, would've ease the situation. Laser Missiles would've greatly helped BoY in killing the dozers.
Few weird moves were also present, like not garrisoning the buildings near by bases. They were ignored by both parties throughout the entire time. wacko.gif

That moment, of firing with all 'em raps & missing the airfield kill due to an inch distance was tremendous. Wasn't expecting that at all. ohmy.gif

I also got scared off by the sounds, this map has. Police siren, ducks & machine-constructing noises almost gave me a heart-attack at first. laugh.gif
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