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CNC Zero Hour


Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
#1BoNeS l CRuSHeR^  Jan 18 2019, 17:55 PM -
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close game
#2Leikeze  Jan 30 2019, 00:59 AM -
The only time your were really in danger was early on.

Once you'd gotten your Vee army built up, you had all the opportunity to win this game easily, however, you didn't keep up your presence around the map as powerfully as you could have, and lost a lot of units needlessly.

In your situation, you could have been collecting supplies from the middle the whole game (after the clearing it), and using Tomahawks to counter his Buggies and to clear him off the left-side, then as soon as you were promoted from destroying tunnels, you just use your Generals Powers to win the game. Very simple in situations like this one.

Not to mention the lack of S&D, which really hinders your ability to abuse Humvees.

GG for what you were able to do though.
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