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CNC Zero Hour

[Semis] [R]domi (demo) vs boycah (china) - pretty epic #1

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#1-DoMiNaToR-  Jul 12 2018, 23:20 PM -
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gg wp from boycah
#2Leikeze  Jul 13 2018, 14:45 PM -
-DoMiNaToR-(Demo) vs -]BoYcaH^(China)

An incredibly diverse game, with so many moments in which the watcher is left believing the game is finally coming to an end for -DoMiNaToR-, and the opposite becomes the case, only to reverse again. Such a narrow difference in the supplies collected throughout the game, most all of it put to good use. A true show of both players skills. Pure Wub material here.

  • It was a breath of fresh air seeing you play Demo with such alacrity, coupled with a clear vision as to what you were planning step by step at every juncture in this game. Giving the those who can appreciate good macro something to cheer about, as they see you execute your plans with what seems like total ease, using nearly everything your army gave you to your advantage.
  • Making China seem like the best army in the game is hard for most players, but in this game, it was made obvious, that China, is a force to be reckoned with, in the right hands. With multiple successful Flamer-drops from helix, massively slowing down your opponent, then an aggression that never lets up, keeping him from ever gaining the upper-hand long enough to end it for you, constantly turning the tide of the game with your innovative gameplay. Not capturing his oils quickly during the base trade may have made this a bit more difficult for you.
#3Ka$$aD  Jul 13 2018, 14:51 PM -
Replays: 600 Game:
Silver Replay Award for this one. Congratulations! Awards handed out.
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