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CNC Zero Hour

Excal vs Tupac

#51cncHD  Jul 27 2012, 07:50 AM -
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I am a little bit late with my comment, but who cares tongue.gif
>Here< is my VoD for this Replay. Great gameplay by both players for sure! Wub
#52bliNd-  Jul 28 2012, 16:29 PM -
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lol quite the coincidence that I'd look here today to see this.

Watching the game now it's almost embarrasing lol, my play was so sloppy for the first three quarters. Even though it's been 7 years since this match was played I still remember how nervous I was during the final few minutes lol.

Anyway, thanks for putting the effort to produce the video, I had fun watching it.
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#53-SeX`iie  Dec 21 2012, 21:53 PM -
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rewatched the game and i didnt like it. excal made several mistakes. he was just sitting around and didnt even try to get the middle back, although he had more units (especially when he killed blind's first overlord). this replay shouldnt be hof. the only surprise is the winner
#54.V.  Jul 24 2014, 18:25 PM -
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Lol, I still can't believe the result...

At first, it was just one of those boring mirrors, but it became very interesting in the end!

Certainly one of the best replies in the whole history of zero hour online games.
#55-FreeStyLeR-  Sep 25 2019, 23:42 PM -
amazing game biggrin.gif
#56Black^Metal  Jan 25 2021, 08:55 AM -
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gg wp
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