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CNC Zero Hour

[R] China V- GLA Demolition.Use all that is possible

#1Leikeze  Apr 24 2019, 23:28 PM -
IPB ImageW0lkenmeer
Tips :
  • Don't be afraid to see your Command Center, the extra $1,000 is worth the trade.
  • Try to build your supply centers around the idea of having the least movement for your trucks between the supplies & the supply center, and always keep them about the distance of a supply-truck(longways) from the supply dock/piles. Your secondary (lower) supply was a bit far away.
  • Starting off with a supply truck push down to his base and to the bottom oil and your first Gatling tank to the top oil was very good to see. You threw him off by denying him a supply and the map control right from the start, giving yourself the advantage. However, I would have liked to see you build a barrack at the start as well, then Red Guard to capture both oils ASAP.

    I did not like to see you building Battle Master tanks in this game, they are not good units. Outposts, Dragons, and Gatling tanks do the job well before you've got a Propaganda Center.
  • Always remember to spend the cash you've attained, as not to build up too much of a nest egg while you need units and map control. Building a second War Factory, or an Airfield to produce bunker Helix is a smart way to ease the burden on a single War Factories build queue.
  • You always need to secure all the supplies in your base. By failing to retake your secondary supply piles in this game you were starved of cash in the late game, meaning you could not produce any units to follow up your attack on his base, nor defend yourself. A bunker Helix would have been perfect for this game.
Rating : 1/10 - You lacked speed throughout this game, reacting slowly on both the micro and macro scenes will result in unnecessary losses. Likewise, you lacked early game aggression; Had you sent some sneaky dragon tanks around the map to burn up his supplies or other buildings, he'd have a much more difficult time focusing
on your base. Just like your opponent, you lack experience, which can only be obtained by playing more, and you'd do very well to improve on just a few points in your tactics.

IPB Imagevitalia1939
Tips :
  • You should always try to place your Supply Stashes in the direction of the supply dock or supply piles that the workers will be connecting from, and keeping the building at a distance of a Tunnels with away from the supply will help you in defense, as it will be more difficult to harass a supply that you can box in early on.

    Having said that, you will want to box in your supplies with a tunnel on one side and either an Arms Dealer or Barrack on the other for the main, while using a tunnel on either(then) both sides of the 2nd(unsafe supply piles) supply. This will have a big impact on how you defend yourself in the early game. Had you done so in this game, you could have kept on collecting from your second supply in the beginning when he sent the truck to run down the workers.

    Also, the ideal number of workers collecting at a supply is six(6).
  • Building a Radar Van may give you the mini-map, but you can play without it early on, as most of what you will be facing can be predicted. Your first unit coming out of the Arms Dealer should be a Technical, which you can fill with either RPG's or Terrorists, once filled you can use it to both scout and harass your opponents supplies or production(War Factory).
  • Sending tanks or Quad Cannons across the map is very dangerous, as they will not always be able to pop up where you need them, which is why you should always be trying to get tunnels built around the map(the closer to the enemy's base the better), so that you can attack and retreat with ease, and minimal losses.
  • Taking the oils is critical on maps like this one, as they will give you an edge on the competition for as long as you have them.

    Destroying oils at any stage of the game should be thought about a lot, as they do not come back, even when you may need them.
  • You ought not to attack aimlessly. By this I mean, you shouldn't attack where you know that he can easily defend himself. Attack softly defended targets, like his supply, the top oil, or his Command Center, and run away when he comes to stop you, so you do not lose anything without a good reason.
Rating : 1/10 - You lacked a lot of map control and base expansion in this game, as well as a failure to micro your units while fighting. Though you made a good show in the end, it did not make up for the losses you took leading up to that point. I would say the biggest problem for you in this game was simply a lack of experience, if you try to improve upon a few points of your gameplay, you will see yourself able to beat your average opponents more consistently.
Match Rating :
3/10 - Very different from what is usually uploaded, almost like watching people who took some advice from somebody, but did not understand how to put it to use properly.
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