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[R] Excal vs Tazmany Tox vs Inf GG

#1Herb  Jun 10 2021, 21:20 PM -
Excal vs Tazmany, review to come
#2Herb  Jun 10 2021, 21:47 PM -
Excal vs Tazmany

Skill level: 7.7/10. I would rate this particular game and the way both players were playing in this game in particular as being on the high pro level.

Entertainment value: 8/10. Heaps of action with a lot of back and forth and the most cheesy typical comeback by a certain somebody. lol


Nice start build order of course (being Excal, lel). However the one thing I saw is that your tunnel on the bottom right really didn't have a chance to get up or serve any purpose. Whether it be a minigunner, flamer or outpost, it was going to be denied. You managed to get it up though, however a full outpost simply drove in between the empty gap and got all the way to your oil and actually managed to kill it. I would say it would be better to simply garrison the worker and use it a bit later and focus on getting your oil up / 3rd supply up faster as palace vs inf is pretty much going to be gg. Remember scud launcher is very powerful vs inf too!

The TT on the power works nice, but does it really achieve much? What about using that money for a faster tunnel to stop inf getting through an empty gap? Just a thought.

You floated cash at critical times, i.e your 3rd supply placement time and your palace going down time. Speaks for itself.

What I noticed you were susceptible to this game was big pushes from inf outposts vs your more undefended areas, early and late. You need to anticipate certain player's tendencies to push through to your base.

At 8-9 mins, you were in a losing position and should have lost. At 10 min 30, it was about 5% in your favour, 95% in Tazmany's favour. However one poor engagement from Tazmany on the right at 11.20 turned the tide of the battle and gave you some much needed money and XP.

That 3 star Jarmen of yours however, was such a four letter word and won you the game, haha. Good use of taking full cash bounty too, that definitely kept you in it while you slowly drained your supplies and got up some markets here and there while keeping on the pressure.

Close game GG!


Very nice start! You found a weak spot in Excal's setup and sent an outpost through and it managed to take out an oil. You had some brilliant play up until about the 11 minute mark in which it all went horribly wrong. In fact, at 11 mins or so, I would give you a 95% chance to win if you had have made the right decisions

I think at this point, you may need to sit back a little bit and let your eco advantage set in a bit, attack but be very cautious with your units as Excal had cash bounty by this point and a very vetted up Jarmen. Inferno cannons to clear bunkers is all you needed, and some lixes to either help with busses or to go and counterattack when his main army is busy. It is hard to say whether you should have gone lixes or migs, but I'm probably gravitating more towards mass lixes. You had oil advantage and your trucks were untouched most of the game so you definitely had the eco for it.

The 7 hackers as well as your oils were good, not complaining about that. You used a bit of additional floated money to make them, nice. That was not the cause of the loss, though.

At about 15 mins, you had a massive advantage again. Excal's supplies were running out, and he didn't have many markets. At this point, it was him who had to make the aggression as you can use genpoints on his supplies. This is when your mass lix can pay off big time, as he won't be able to split an army in 2 places, especially after all the eco loss / army loss he took earlier.

You began to mix lixes in a little bit later, but far too late imo. Even the couple of lixes you had did MASSIVE damage and in-fact took out his entire left supply.

One MAJOR thing you need to improve on is engaging angry mobs as inf - either fill your outposts with more minigunners and evac when the mobs engage alone, or make some flamers and set them up to flamewall early. Migs aren't a good option if there are quads behind. It is easier said than done though, and I admittedly am not good at dealing with them myself because I am quite slow!

Anyway, unlucky that he managed to comeback but you played well and had everything going for you. Just be a bit more aggressive and try and see when his money is low and act accordingly.

GG and WP!

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