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CNC Zero Hour

[OoE]MiRaGE vs Scuba - Really nice CvC

#1scuba  Feb 17 2010, 10:37 AM -
exciting game!
#2zhboring  Feb 17 2010, 11:45 AM -
Replays: 93 Game:
For me TD is king of all maps ! tongue.gif
#3KairiN  Feb 17 2010, 11:53 AM -
You obviously didn't played AOD Area 51 yet.
#4ReLaX  Feb 17 2010, 15:05 PM -

"For me TD is king of all maps ! tongue.gif"

What I have to say: Stupid one-mapper!
#5HaWkY^  Feb 17 2010, 15:47 PM -
Nice game, outcome should of never happened though. Suppose its what made this game good =)
#6scuba  Feb 17 2010, 16:22 PM -
If you like it wub it^^
#7ReLaX  Feb 17 2010, 17:15 PM -

We don't wub off-td-replays!
#8`LoVe'iS'GoNe  Feb 17 2010, 17:38 PM -
Replays: 158 Game:
#9AwfuL  Feb 17 2010, 19:03 PM -
Entertaining game, though Mirage lost too many units at start and got unlucky with carpet/artillery. Missed a helix in your play, and the migs were just a waste. I guess these mistakes made the game pretty even in the end..

I'll wub it though..
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#10Serby  Feb 17 2010, 19:28 PM -
If you like it wub it^^

wacko.gif You did it again wacko.gif , but instead of my same answer on your appeal for wubb, i just gona wubb cause you earned it. Outcome was no possible to imagine biggrin.gif
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