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[R] Alternative strategy for a comeback

[RANK] Canyon of the Dead v1
[RANK] Canyon of the Dead v1
#1^KaRRo  Nov 27 2018, 15:50 PM -
Have fun watching
#2JarmenElectra  Nov 27 2018, 17:57 PM -
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I think Boys early pressure was good but unfortunately he didnt look at the oils for a long time which is what was keeping you in the game at one point. Your comm and vee usage was good, in particular I liked the ambulance heal on your two comms. Seemed like you had an answer for everything in the late game and made it look like Boy could do nothing. He wasnt going to let you get that Jarmen stab tho biggrin.gif
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#3Gladiator7  Nov 28 2018, 19:35 PM -
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i hate this map
#4-ReaLiTy^  Dec 3 2018, 03:57 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
When boycah doesn't give a damn about oils
#5Leikeze  Dec 8 2018, 17:43 PM -
-]BoYcaH^ (Tox) vs oRRaK (Laser) on Canyon of the Dead

Starts off a very hard game for KaRRo, as Boycah launches a series of three attacks with techs that left him in a bad way for a bit, as he'd lost his WF twice, as well as losing both his supply centers, leaving him to defend his base with Rangers & MD's, but he had both oils captured, helping him as he relocated and rebuilt around his top supply. Boycah teched up, got some buggies on the field, and began to do some good damage to KaRRo, though, he did throw away his army to destroy KaRRo's, but his income was dwindling, so when push came to shove, KaRRo shoved hard, surprising Boycah with Comanches to counter his Buggies, at a critical time when Boycah didn't have any Quads to stop them, and didn't have the money to transition into building them. KaRRo took full advantage of this by going straight up the middle with everything he had, destroying Boycah's whole main base, leaving him with no Arms Dealers, and only a few depleted supply piles & a single market to the south. At that point, the tables were flipped so violently, that the idea of a comeback for Boycah became a stillborn dream.

5/10, for my entertainment.

  • 1st attack: a combo of an RPG filled tech, along with a TT, which split; The plan was to go down to harass the bottom-right supply with the RPG's, while the TT went for the WF at the main supply. The only problem, KaRRo decided not to collect from his right supply in the first place(knowing that it is so easily harassed). The TT on the WF goes without a hitch, and the RPG's are used to hunt a dozer, delaying the WF a bit. Not sure why the RPG tech was unloaded at the right supply in the first place, seeing how he wasn't collecting from it.
  • 2nd attack: a group of four Techs to the main supply, and a TT to the second supply, followed by five more techs, only killing 2 Vees. Not very successful, besides the TT, because your Techs all went around between the his supply center and power when you went to surround his Vee army, so all of them were lost.
  • 3rd attack: Another TT to the WF, this time nearly failing, as the WF had 3% health remaining, but your driving around the front of the WF to scrap up made KaRRo destroy it for you, thanks to his MD laser lock. And a few techs to the main supply, one with RPG's, all of which were easily denied by a few MD's he had guarding, but the RPG's still destroyed the supply. This left him without any way of attacking, but you weren't able to deal any death blows, such as hunting his last dozer.
  • The TT that failed its mission of blowing up the base he was rebuilding at his top supply was sad to see, because it was a moment that would have put the outcome in your favor, had it worked.
  • Aw man, you should have sent a Tech after the oils earlier than 9:00 minutes in. Without that oil money he couldn't have put up such a fight.
  • That big attack on his Vees to destroy his whole army was going good, until you saw he had a bunch more coming down from the top to wipe out your army. 12 techs, 3 buggies, & toxin ambush to destroy 9 Vees & 1 Ambo. It may have been a good trade, if you had money to easily replace it all. Your income was already thinning out, then he used A-10's on your oil, pushing you lower.
  • @$1,100 a pop, every buggy lost was a bit hit, and he managed to get them all, using Comanches, which you couldn't counter very well at that point in the game. So it was GG by the time he came to destroy your main base, leaving you without production, and with all those Generals Powers, there was no turning this around.
  • The last noteworthy act was Jarmen avoiding the blade of his nemesis just a second before it was sunk into his side.

  • Good work handling the start. Taking your top supply wound up being just the right idea in this game. Taking the oils early on really helped as well, so nice to see, unlike your opponent, who avoided them.
  • Adding those Comanches into play while he had no Quads was good, but using them along with your whole army to rush his base at the same time was perfect. You allowed him no time to react, and used your Generals Powers to easily cripple his ECO. He was done for by that point, and the 10+ minutes extra was just filler.
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