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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Laser General vs GLA

#1Norty  Jun 6 2005, 06:08 AM -
It's been a while since I havent played ZH biggrin.gif, I finnaly went online and got this game, I reccomend everyone should watch it, It's a good game smile.gif

A Review would be excellent smile.gif
#2RagaRock  Jun 6 2005, 11:13 AM -
Replays: 4
LoNe`TroopeR, Laser:

You're bo is as close to suicide as you can get, and against a skilled rusher this would've been a short game. I mean it's impossible to get double supply with four nooks, grab oil and have a decent defence at the same time, espessially when you don't sell cc. The chance of getting both oils is also minor and in some games you might get none. I recommend you to use a bo that has a balance of economi and units, Frog's game is a good example of that.

You made an avenger as your second unit, that's imo to early. You needed more humvees, an ambulance and maybe a second rax to research fb. The avenger is a great support unit, but useless alone and to slow to drive over rpg's.

You did a nice job getting the middle and when you got tanks your opponent did not have the units to stop you. But I must comment on you serious cash-floating. It was constantly growing, ending at 25 000! You could've gotten advanced training, armour upgrade + +. Also I think one gen-point should've been used for snipers.

Under2, vGLA:

Your opening rush was good, a little slow maybe, but tech/rpg's is what most USA players struggle most against. But you couldn't follow it up. When your first rush died out you had 5000 in bank and only two quads and a few rpg's to attack with. You must be able to constantly make units while attacking so you can maintain heavy pressure. I also think your second ad came to late.

I must comment your use of Jarmen. Several times rpg's got killed by fb-rangers, tanks was killed by md's and Jarmen was standing close by nipping on his afternoon tea. Good use of Jarmen is often the key to winning matches.

You also had cash-floating problems, more than 10 000 at some points. Quads, buggies and one harrasing bb is good medicine against laser. Let buggies attack his tanks, then use the quads to protect them against humvees and any air-units he might make. Skip the armed mobs, they're to slow and in most cases USA will have snipers to counter them.


A fairly entertaining game and I understand Trooper is satisfied with pulling of the victory. But a bad bo from Trooper (you seem a bit rusty) and Under2 failing to follow up his rush, combined with serious cash-floating drags the rating down. 4/10, but a strong one.
#3Norty  Jun 7 2005, 07:26 AM -
I Appreciate this review m8 biggrin.gif, thx alot

Yeah, I've been rusty, did'nt play ZH for a while, but thx, this review really helped biggrin.gif
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