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CNC Zero Hour

[R] 17/10/2005 Cymru| vs [SiM]

#1firgli  Oct 8 2005, 21:54 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
lol this was just awesome, lasted like 2 hours and had some nice comebacks. Very good and funny (lol @ my stealthed ecm going 3 chev after running over like 20 hackers). CaRDiFF was out very fast but it was pretty close after he left. I hope its a good watch and that we can get a review even though its a huge replay smile.gif. Lol MeTeOr played so well drol.gif.

oh btw armies were:
CaRDiFF swg, SrePPonK demo, MeTeOr stealth and the [SiM] gamers dual nuke tank I think...
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#2silent.  Oct 8 2005, 21:57 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
fkin lol @ 633kb
#3Deus-Ex  Oct 8 2005, 22:01 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
fkin lol @ 2hrs
#4bliNd-  Oct 8 2005, 22:04 PM -
Replays: 25 Game:
More like 4 hours O_O

Anyway, was nice game. Thought we had it lost about 10 times. Then we randomly came back. :0
#5Deus-Ex  Oct 9 2005, 12:34 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Review by Deus-Ex:

good play at the start killing of the nuke players exp and tunneling up there. gla is always going to be the better of the armies at the start on this map because there's quite alot of bunkers/expansion etc that gla can take alot easier than any other army. gla did this very well i thought. the one thing you failed to do was help the usa on your side because he is always going ro be the weak link out of thee 3 in the early game so make quite a few tunnels in his base and keep him alive till strat center etc. usa died right at the start because of this i think but gave meteor power so he could build twice as fast, without this it would have been a loss for cymru imo becuase he did most of the ground work on securing middle, killing off the nuke player.

I don't think i saw a buggy WTF.gif i know the china's had many migs but they just own the bbs that you were making anyway so buggies would have been great imo, especially defending attacks. very good team play i thought apart from the early usa dying.


getting all china factions versus 2 gla's and a usa is always going to be hard but you made it seem alot easier, great mig usage. hundreds of migs WTF.gif they worked great and stopped those pesky battle busses a treat. the nuke player was dead from the start i felt because he did manage to tech up but really couldn't do alot apart from protect his base with a couple of ovies. both china's did very well in late game with hackers etc which is normally china's downfall to gla because their late game economy is much worse than gla or usa. credit for doing so great late game although one china was far better off than any other ( [SIM]BA ) and seemed to enjoy cash flaoting to the max. he could have made another nuke or just more tank forces which i think is most important but apart from that great play. good teamwork from both with the migs and attacking with tanks etc but those tank armies were not really much of a force against gla and i always thought they were never really going to trouble them.

brilliant 3v3, probably best i've watched although i don't tend to watch many of them because they are so long and it's hard to see all of what's going on.

8/10 for me thum.gif
#6firgli  Oct 9 2005, 12:39 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
thx a lot for the review you wubful piece of ownage drol.gif

btw did you see my sneak attacks? tongue.gif
#7Deus-Ex  Oct 9 2005, 13:44 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
so much stuff to comment on and yes i did see them tongue.gif

also something you don't see often a 3 CHEV ECM!!! biggrin.gif
#8firgli  Oct 9 2005, 13:47 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
blind stealthed my 3 chev ecm, it killed like 20 hackers untill it ran into MINES :@
#9LiNdSaY  Oct 9 2005, 14:18 PM -
Replays: 98 Game:
blind which one of them r u?
#10firgli  Oct 9 2005, 14:21 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
watch the replay wink.gif
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