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CNC Zero Hour

[R] demo vs AFG-super close GG

[RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2
[RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2
#1El-NiNo^9  Feb 21 2019, 14:07 PM -
EL-NiNo9 demo - AFG Christiano
a game we played months ago at 2:00 am and would like to share
hope u enjoy it
#2Phoenix-  Feb 21 2019, 14:43 PM -
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Did not see it yet but I think air should always win against Demo. Demo can't Keep up with double or triple airfield and Comanche spam. not to mention rockvees and an early switch to air.
#3HaWkY^  Feb 21 2019, 15:51 PM -
What Pheonix said but confirmin from the best af.
#4fastAiR  Feb 21 2019, 22:13 PM -
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no gla can beat the comm build order executed by a pro afg, if the gla wins then the afg fcked it up
#5HeRσ  Feb 21 2019, 23:36 PM -

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Interesting watch, I guess you two had a agreement of no base rush 10? At the 3 or 4 min mark the afg player had 7 comms, enough to kill any tunnel and your side suppys but he went back to base and sat for another 3 mins lol. Final few mins is nice to watch tho.
#6-CyborG- ZH  Feb 22 2019, 16:28 PM -
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what an action game !
that 5HP for CC made me cry lol
Definitely deserves my wub !
#7UcHIHA^MaDaRA^  Feb 23 2019, 13:39 PM -
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very nice game
#8Leikeze  Feb 23 2019, 15:24 PM -
Christiano (Air) vs `El-NiNo^ (Air) on Cold Territory

A long game that nearly delivered a win to the wrong address.

5/10, for my entertainment.

  • You nearly allowed his first TT to succeed, not that it would have put you under, but it was a moment of wonder for me that those Terrorists glitched. He should have just picked to destroy one or the other.
  • You wasted so much time at the start not doing anything it was very frustrating to watch from your point of view. It only takes a single Comanche to defend against a TT/RPG's, the others can scout around and harass, and as they come you can start to pick off his buildings at your leisure.
  • It bugged me how you lost four Comanches to his tower at the left middle, just because you didn't get the single most important upgrade for the strategy, Countermeasures. You had no reason not to have it because it's so important.
  • So much mindless waste as the game went on. Just get a few Vees and Tomahawks to go with your Comanches and you've got a cake walk in front of you. The way you went back and forth into his defenses, then into his base just to reverse again, and more and more Comanches go down. Dizzying stuff. wacko.gif
  • It didn't look like you anticipated him going Comanches, but he'd given you so much time to build up that you held onto the map control nicely thanks to his negligence.
  • I'm kinda surprised you didn't cancel the two unfinished tunnels you had at your third supply. And that you didn't get a tunnel at the power on the right side while your worker was there. The only early defensive thing you get vs Comanches are bunkers; Put RPG's inside as many as you can and hope he misclicks to your advantage.
  • As soon as the first Market finished I'd have been getting Radar Scan, at least then you can have a way to thwart his approach and keep him from hiding at a distance, occasionally. But there really wasn't much you could do to avoid massive losses against that many Comanches. And the rest of the game went mostly as expected, until the last few minutes(I mean when you got to destroying his CC). You destroyed the CC, then he went to rebuild it, and then you had you last chance to 1-shot-win the game...and I know it's a stretch the say you could have looked at the tracks on the ground, but had you used your Ambush and been able to blow up his Dozer that was rebuilding the CC, you'd have flipped the game into your favor. All you'd have to do is defend your CC & keep a van around so you could find his last building. But since you didn't, the actual final minutes of the replay were somber, though you still could have gone on easily, just a bit longer, until the especially terrible idea to use a Sneak Attack, knowing that he had his Comanches right there...losing everything you had to defend yourself with. It was really sad then.

"Blah blah review blah"
#9-CyborG- ZH  Feb 24 2019, 17:35 PM -
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QUOTE(Leikeze @ Yesterday, 15:24 PM)
[b][center] Christiano (Air) vs
"Blah blah review blah"

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