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[R] Insane Tank Vs Laser! BoYcaH vs SPL

[RANK] Snowy Drought v4
[RANK] Snowy Drought v4
#1BoYcaH0  Aug 23 2020, 18:43 PM -
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#2hyd`BeXAez  Aug 23 2020, 20:51 PM -
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Finally an epic game i can wub ^^
#3_spL_  Aug 23 2020, 21:02 PM -
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yea epic game
was playing with fever tho couldve done better
#4hyd`BeXAez  Aug 24 2020, 20:38 PM -
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C'omon ppls, it's really epic replay biggrin.gif
#5Serby  Aug 24 2020, 22:54 PM -
Enjoyable game, some units wasted on both sides
#6Mp3  Aug 25 2020, 09:15 AM -

Agree with the comment above; Well put performance from both sides!

The promotions, near the end, could have been saved up for the unit composition tank had, to wipe it all out.

Two things I've learned from this match: 1) EMP doesn't affect the promotion planes.

2)This MCDonalds Drive-Through has an ginormous amount of HP.

IPB Image

#7Metti  Aug 31 2020, 06:49 AM -
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Everytime I play vs lenki , my carpet gets disabled by the many emps he has on the hill. So emp sometimes affects gen promotions.
#8Moliere  Sep 6 2020, 21:46 PM -
If anyone was wondering why Boycah never quit game when he is obviously going to lose, this replay might be the answer.

Outstanding game that start by a nice "How to Laser vs Tank on Snowy Drough" tutorial( if you wanna get good at it, watch at least the first minutes ! ) with Spl reaching his USA critical vees mass powerspike losing only one missile defender in total ! And with full time chinook collection. Against an expert.
At this point, the game would be a super convincing win against most players, since tank, even with one more supply, has very few effective answers to bunkered undamaged laser general. But Boycah didn't panic, took his time and find a way to change what could have been a one sided lesson into an insanely close game that came down to the very last units.

Spl IPB Image

Super clean start, stoping all agression from tank, not taking any harassement and saving every units ( beside one missile defender, shame ! ). Despite some mistakes being made later in the game, they weren't ugly ones : no horrendous Vee micro or insane floating, it was pretty solid gameplay all game long which made Boycah's comeback as tank general even more impressive.
Some A10 wasted on the oil instead of the airfield ( it was very likely that the gat would intercept it ) would have helped, on top of obviously being ready for the sneaky dragon drop, but can't really blame for a mistake that barely any player alive would have avoided.

Boycah/ GR Barr IPB Image

Not the greatest start with the first gatling traping himself against the firebase ( could have pay attention to make it drive back and save it ) while the second one also got killed by the first vee without retreating. Losing 2 first gat without doing any dammage in this matchup don't get unpunished against pro players, and spl surely punished it well.
But not panicking despite a bad start against the much better lategame army and not wasting everything you had in desesperate rush attempt like every semi would do ( or at least semis like me ! ) actually made possible for spl to make mistakes that could potentially get you back in the game. Propaganda and expansion with a few bunkers was enough to stop the vee push, but Spl obviously knew he could easily be on one less supply all game and still win with laser tank and avenger late game composition.

What he didn't see coming, though, was the dragon drops killing his power while he was busy engaging some fight. Those constant power harassement to shut the ground army down combined with great gen point usage made possible a fair fight between Tank and Laser general in the lategame, which is unusual to say the least.

Overall an epic game, getting a bit slow at the end when very few units were left, but with unpredictable outcome until the very end. And again, just a nice Laser vs Tank early game tutorial for this map, if you're not here for entertainement. Could be worth casting, there are a few sim's city moments though, since both players took it slow and steady.
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#9Leikeze  Oct 1 2020, 15:50 PM -
Silver replay, nice.
#10dark_dante  Mar 27 2021, 11:32 AM -
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