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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Dackel vs ExCaL^

#1OoE-ExCaL^  Mar 9 2006, 23:55 PM -
i'm not saying anything, just watch.

reviews plz
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#2worry  Mar 10 2006, 00:16 AM -
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will watch smile.gif
#3Dackel  Mar 10 2006, 00:19 AM -
Good game, well played.

Well worth seeing, even though it's a tedious Stealth mirror.
#4EteRnaL  Mar 10 2006, 02:04 AM -
LeVo`Dackel:IPB Image
Nice aggressive BO from you in the start - you were able to push him out of the center really quickly by that well placed tech/terror on his forward tunnel. You did really well to cut off the center supplies from your opponent, and was even able to take his secondary from him, however you should have built a tunnel or two after you took out his supplies. You just built a lone supply center there yourself which got owned very quickly. tongue.gif If you had been able to keep his secondary for any length of time he would have been in a lot worse shape than you even though you lost yours as well. You were able to tech up a lot sooner than your opponent, however he was able to keep your busses back because you were having some problems with his rocket buggies. Because you didn't get a Black Market until later in the game you were playing without buggies of your own, which made taking out his massive amount of stealth tunnels really tricky. I really liked your use of angry mobs, though. That one mob must have taken out half his buildings. biggrin.gif Really nicely placed gen abilities too. I especially enjoyed when you did a sneak attack in the middle of his base and then immediately followed it up with an anthrax bomb, knowing that he's pop out all his units to take out the tunnel.

[LtK]ExCaL^:IPB Image
Well you went for a more traditional opening build than you opponent, however it resulted in you losing map control pretty quickly. tongue.gif You did really well to gain a lot of it back though. After he took out your secondary supplies you very smartly went for a grab of your oil, and attacked his secondary knowing it was probably the weakest link in his defensive apparatus. Once you were able to tech up you microed your buggies really well. It was amazing how long you were able to keep his battle busses out of your base with just three rocket buggies. It seemed to me that through much of this game you were really trying to play catch-up to your opponent. That is, because of a bit of a shaky start he was always one step ahead of you in both supplies and the tech tree. At some point this could have been mitigated a bit by some aggression on the center. For much of the early/mid game he only had one tunnel down there, and the garrisoned RPGs could have been easily taken care of by a toxin tractor. wink.gif It really was those supplies that were giving him the economic advantage over you for much of the game. Nicely done to hang in there against the odds though.

Summary: Really interesting game. Typically GLA mirrors are real snooze-fests which involve a lot of camping and Black Market spam, but this game kept up a nice pace and became more and more exciting as both players teched up. It was made more interesting by the constant migration of bases that occurred. It was also quite funny how Dackel inhabited the center for most of the game. tongue.gif Nice changes of momentum too, it really looked like both players were going to pull off the victory at different points in the game.

Game Rating: 8
#5bliNd-  Mar 10 2006, 02:11 AM -
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I really liked this game. The micro was by both players was just superb, appart from few wasted units here and there but that happens in all long games anyway tongue.gif It was alot different than the usual GLA mirrors which tend to be just boring camp fests but in this game there was something happening all the time smile.gif

9/10 for me.
#6p[H]Lite^  Mar 10 2006, 04:56 AM -
#7sCaLe-  Mar 10 2006, 07:55 AM -
Will Watch now biggrin.gif !!
#8AngryHan  Mar 10 2006, 08:25 AM -
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Nice, I think I spot a contender for RotW wink.gif
#9sCaLe-  Mar 10 2006, 08:53 AM -
TBH it should be posted with the legendary replays biggrin.gif .. WP both sides!!
#10Lappen  Mar 10 2006, 09:34 AM -
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very nice game
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