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[R] My First Game

Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
Tournament Desert No Bugs No Cars
#11fastAiR  May 31 2020, 16:21 PM -
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Yea you played pretty good, you have the basics down for sure its just refining it.

The points others made are all relevant, and sending a terrorist to each supply on guard mode to prevent a dozer drop.
If he had dozer dropped it would be brutal when you have no defence vs it.
As GLA vs USA's its basically part of the build order to send a terror to each supply, if you dont you can lose the game (similar vs chinas as well with the truck rush, one terror to middle, and second terror to ur unsafe, you will need to force fore the floor to egt the truck).

You forgot about your terror tech on the right and I was like oh no sad.gif, and then he drove straight in to it and it killed 4 vees or something lmao, you got lucky there biggrin.gif

In regards to your tunnel on the left hand flank where he denied the worker; You either cancel that tunnel and forget about it, or you send a technical with a worker to finish it. You could have for instance put a worker in the terror tech and driven that route to his base, dropping the worker off enroute to finish the tunnel.
Even if you do plan on cancelling it, leave it till the last minute so he wastes time shooting it and things and then cancel it.

Quads as others said are best for sneaking in to shoot chinooks when he is distracted, engaging vees in the open with quads is bad.
The only real way quads are effective agasint humvees is with tunnel pops. So when he comes to engage a tunnel, just before he starts firing/gets in range pop some quads and RPG's then quickly press Q to select all combat units on screen and attack a vee, then when he retreats go back in the tunnel to heal the units.
Keep doing this, its pretty effective, but thats the only real time you want to engage vees with quads. And dont mess the timing up or you can lose the entire pop to the vees if you are too slow.

Wp, add the little things to your game that people here have mentioned and within a week ur gla will be pretty formiddable
#12Madara  May 31 2020, 18:30 PM -
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is this your first time playing zh ?
#13Madara  May 31 2020, 18:30 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
is this your first time playing zh ?
#14fastAiR  May 31 2020, 19:10 PM -
Replays: 83 Game:
QUOTE(UcHIHA^MaDaRA^ @ Today, 18:30 PM)
is this your first time playing zh ?

First online game and first game in 10 years
#15-NickName  Sep 23 2021, 08:32 AM -
Replay Review by NickName

Skill rating: 4/10, decision making and micro skills were below par.

Entertainment rating: 4/10, not many action going on.


IPB Image

GLA started with a simpler opening, a barracks (was placed a bit too far so the worker had to walk for a while, tiny mistake) and two supplies. Another small mistake was the tunnel placement near the second supply as it was not facing the enemy and an attack here would have killed the workers and/or supply quite easily.

The arms dealer was build a bit far away and was not used to box in, this delayed the production. The tunnel on the left and the two in the middle got some decent map control for the GLA player and it secured mid. However, the right side was quite open and an attack here would have been devastating.

A second arms dealer was placed, before a tunnel was build in the main base. GLA got bit lucky that swg did not attack, as it would have a hard time to defend. An oil at 4 minute and a palace fast after that made GLA in a good position.

A lucky tt denied a push from swg and killed all its vees, this was a game changer as that push might have end the game. A counter push by GLA on the left was more successful. With a few quads and a technical, the firebase and a dozer got down. The tech scrapped up, killed two incoming vees and with the now supertech, it was able to dozer hunt the enemy.

With a palace up, GLA still made quads which is not a good choice against SnD vees. Another push with quads did not accomplished anything, as it got wrecked by said vees.

After a push from swg where he lost all his remaining vees, superweapon surrendered the game.


IPB Image

Swg started quite similar, two supplies and two chinooks on each supply. War factory and barracks were made, after this two fire bases were constructed near both supplies.

EMPs would have been a much better choice as they are quite powerful, also it could have placed a little further than the own oil to grab it for later. Now it was given away, a vee stopped the incoming rebel and swg was lucky that GLA did not try another time to get that oil as it would have been more successful.

The first two vees were send out to the flanks, one killed that rebel as mentioned. The other vee killed a worker making a forward tunnel and avoid more map control.

Meanwhile a vee army was produced, 5 vees with only 7 MDs and an ambo. It would have been better to have 3 full vees. Vees were without TOW upgrade, for the whole game.

A push on the right got one tunnel, and lost one vee for it. Sloppy micro as that vee could have pulled back easily. The micro in the next seconds were even worse. The vees killed an idle technical, and then it just drove straight into the terrorists: goodbye vees.

The remaining ambulance had good range and saw the second supply and a tunnel at around 40%. Instead of going for the crush of the workers, it went back. Another mistake.

After 5 minutes, the strat center was made and SnD was used. Swg got hunted at around the same time by one super tech, full vees or TOW vees could have denied that, but only empty vees were used. Swg also lost a full vee to quads (while having search and destroy).

A last final push did nothing as it got destroyed by a bunker and a tunnel. Another example of poor micro.


The game was won by GLA. He went for a safe build order, did nothing fancy. Swg lost too many vees due to poor micro. As swg, that is a dead sin with those expensive vees. Also, no TOW missile upgrade and/or not many MDs in the vees made them easy targets for technicals and even quads. A bit better micro would help him out quite good, so there is hope for him.

Can't say that about FiRe^ArM. He was a noob in 2020, and still is a noob in 2021 and he will be a noob in 2022.
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