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CNC Zero Hour

Nice Game

#1NiKe  Aug 6 2005, 14:03 PM -
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heres a game i found, usa made a ton of mistakes aswell as gla, but i thought it was pretty cool, good unit mixing from both
#2Burzum  Aug 6 2005, 23:31 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
I will make the review for this vanilla mirror.
#3IceBliZz^  Aug 7 2005, 10:35 AM -
was a GG tbh but it went on for a while smile.gif
#4Burzum  Aug 10 2005, 00:47 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
It is summary of this game with my comments.

[SV]DaRknesS^, GLA

You should work on your start BO. You go with 5 tunnel networks at the beginning => want to rush your opponent with combo RPGs&Quads, may be this way is a good way but your opponent look like a man who know about your rush and make only vees ( so dunno why , may be cos he always plays like this one). When you attacked with 10 RGPs & 2 Quads you fast lost all army cos was not microing your army right. So what i mean, i mean that you should keep prgs&quads on the group and use the quads to kill an ambulance for example, and it was better if you had 3-4 quads. Never leave alone rpg, use combo to kill his vees. And you must keeping the power of the attack with constants quads attack for nooks.
You put quads behind the supply dock, right way cos it hard to kill.
Nice terrors drop, but you should kill one his dozer, add one terror to this dozer next time, so sometimes this drops can own usa player if he do not able to this.
Build the palce before grab the second supply dock was your fatal mistake as for me, i explain now why i think so. When you go to fast tech with no money it needles step on your strategy, for what you build the palace if you have not enough money for next step, i think at first you should have the second supply center, and when you had then you can tech up cos now you have 2 supply and it enough money.
The Second terror drop was not bad, but try save tech, and may be if you see that you can destroy dozer then do it.
You should be with Kell a bit careful when was using him.
When he attacked you on left flank with vees you lost all buggys, if you will use it with micro it can bring more damage.
Your constants tech&terrors Drop would be more effective if before you kill dozers, but overall it did a lot of promotions for you.
When i saw your 6 buugys i thought game over, but you do not thought and game was going.
I found interesting thing, so i understand that you hate play with radar but you have vee without driver on your base, so one rebel=200$ and you have "radar" => can detect his drone on mid, so when you was playing you have not idea that he can see all your step man ? when you used GPS your units always blinks, so i know that you know about drone can detect stealth units, so but why you did not think about it , why you let him did whet he want.
You use general points Very well, that is why you won this game.


You sent empty vee to his base at the start of the game, i think it was not good idea, cos it can help you on your base , why you think that dead vee it is better way?
Why did you build only vees without MD? If he attackes you with only quads you could not stop it. If you play vs GLA it mean you must be able to kill combo with rpg & quads, so how you can do it? it simple to write but hard to do, but i hope you ready for this hard way. Flash Bangs & Rangers & MD inside the vees can kill gla combo at the beginning of the game, try microing vees better and it keeping you a live. The group of 3 MDs can locked one quads , so use this all ways to stop his rush.
You lost 3 vees when was attacking his network, you lost it cos you must repair damaged units if they need it.
You decided go to left flank with vees but you already know about the Palace and know that he can build buggy but why are you like the war where you have no chance? Your luck that he did not able to this and lost his army, and now i have second question, so if he have no army on his base, yea he has Kell, so why are you did not finish him? so i think if you see that you can win it mean that you should use this chance cos next chance can be on his side and he can use it well by the way. You wasted A10 attack ... so may be you have hard situation but if you want win the game you should manage all your base and use your brain to find way to victory, so it was not good idea was trying attack with unbalanced army. But was interesting tbh.
Next A10 attack was use perfect. I think VS GLA it best way.
WoW, back door attack was very good idea, but i think you should sold the CC if you see that you can not save it, but Rangers...
If he attacke your base with buggys you should have copule avengers and more tomahawks, so he had some delay , but if he had not ...
The therd A10 was wasted too, why do you think that use it VS building it good way ? Use it VS some important building.
You should not lose 5 nooks, he conntrol mid and you send they to die, i want to say that you should be very careful with it.

Overall game was long and interesting.
I Rated game 6/10
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