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[R] (BoYcaH)Nuke vs Tank(Sex`iie) GG WP

#1BoYcaH0  May 28 2017, 18:16 PM -
Replays: 86 Game:
Nice game.. smile.gif
#2Leikeze  May 28 2017, 19:34 PM -
BoYcaH(Nuke) vs Sex`iie(Tank)

#Here's a battle between two good Zero Hour players; Both are very close in skill, with a 50% W/L against each other as of 5/28/2017. Well, they are at 113 for Boycah and 112 for Sex`iie. This is apparently Boycah's least favorite 1 vs 1 map, so there's that. Both ignoring the Hospital, despite both needing Tank Hunters and Lotus. post-13661-1143531603.gif Action from both sides, no turtling, no hackers(2 hackers), no empty-pockets between attacks; A tough match overall for both players with a lot of good moves by both and some learning material for lower-skill players, BO-wise.

Comments on Boycah:
  • Same old Duel-WF BO; Good job stopping the oil captures.
  • That first attack on the top left was a total waste; Just turn around, go back, and do damage somewhere you can; Or just sit back and do something else.
  • Not taking the left-side oil was a mistake; I it wouldn't be so hard to just cap his then send Lotus directly to it for a free $1,000 and protect it.
  • Good in stopping his advance on the left side, but again with the army dying to the Helixes; Should have just run toward your base; Just as he saw Gats he'd have turned away. I don't pretend to know exactly what would happen if you did that, but it would have been better to save something, rather than losing it all.
  • Good kill on the left side oil, but an ECM and Dragon would have done it without the Overlord, in fact, 2 Gats would have been a lot better.
  • Poor Gats were never where they needed to be; Getting Nuke MiGs back was still an option for a bit, though it may not have worked, it may have deterred the Helixes; The Generals Points were always used on them anyway.
  • Good job stealing a poor mans cash with Lotus then bombing all of his trucks. laugh.gif
  • Aw man! You should have rebuilt your CC ASAP!...it was so stressful to watch it go down then watch the rest of the game.
  • Should have split and focused on that bomber, but hey, there was no telling where it was going to drop; Along with that Tank Drop looking identical to the EMP.
  • Overall nice playing, micro, and macro(most of the time). GG WP
Comments on Sex`iie:
  • Nice job with that WF+Rax start taking your map control; Too bad both your Red Guard were denied.
  • You should have sent Lotus to take the left-side oil as well, for the free $1,000, even if you couldn't defend it at the time.
  • Good job with the Helixes and the pressure on multiple sides, but losing something like $6,100 wacko.gif to kill a $400 Bunker and $900 Outpost was harsh.
  • The early promotions with Tank were a real savior; But putting them to good use was the key. thumb.gif
  • Lots of good moves, but losing so much cash and all your supply trucks was sad to watch; Maybe you should have split the trucks up to save a few.
  • Great move taking out the CC, but you should have sent the Dragon around it once you saw it had no mines, cause your Helixes were doing enough damage to take it down as it was; And you would have done a lot more damage with a flame-wall on his buildings.
  • You could have just swooped in toward the end, no trouble. happy.gif
  • Overall few mistakes made throughout the game, only a few niche things here and there. GG WP
#A very entertaining battle between two good play, making few mistakes and doing a lot of things that most players don't do, or get to do often. I really enjoyed it, especially when there was suspense toward the end, but not so much at the end. I'll give it an 8.5/10 for my entertainment, and I would recommend it for a watch and Wub. Keep in mind that these reviews are from the outside looking in.
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#3-SeX`iie  May 30 2017, 17:23 PM -
Replays: 27 Game:
My stats are around 400-1150. I alwas surrendered right after winning. the head to head stats say currently 0 about our actual win-lose ratio. I dont surrender anymore since there are head to head stats.
The game was pretty good. Still nuke is much better then tank general. nevermind well played. Considering my bad start 1 wf and oil grab which failed then I must have played better the rest of the game.
I took my oil and the oil between boy and me with my lotus (boy destroyed them later) and I havent lost a single helix the whole game wink.gif actually boy was the only one who wasted some ovis and gats biggrin.gif But it is still a nice review and much appreciated! smile.gif
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#4Leikeze  May 30 2017, 17:48 PM -
QUOTE(-SeX`iie @ Today, 12:23 PM)
My stats are around 400-1150. I alwas surrendered right after winning. the head to head stats say currently 0 about our actual win-lose ratio. I dont surrender anymore since there are head to head stats.
The game was pretty good. Still nuke is much better then tank general. nevermind well played

Your Ladder Stats, as of posting this replay, are 863/811 for 1 vs 1 & 189/170 for 2 vs 2, and overall of 1052/981.

You both used to quit out before H2H stats. Quitting out after your opponent quits doesn't make much sense, other than saving a few seconds; But none the less, as far as I understand the ladder, tons of people quit out after winning a 1 vs 1 on a ladder map, but it still counts on the ladder, thus it would count for head to head stats as well.

Take Serbi's(Gravity) stats for example; They are 75/3610, but his ladder stats are 1917/963 for 1 vs 1; He apparently quits out a lot as well, so does Logica, yet their stats are still very good for 1 vs 1 on the ladder.

The head to head stats between you and Boycah may not go back very many months, but they still do display some sort of accuracy because there are losses on both sides; As of May 30th, 2017 your stats are 37/36 against Boycah, so virtually the same as the whole of your H2H stats, and 4/6 against Boycah since H2H stats were implemented; So just bash him a few times. tongue.gif Thanks, it was a pleasure reviewing such a good replay. WP = wub.gif Wub the replay
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#5-SeX`iie  May 30 2017, 17:55 PM -
Replays: 27 Game:
thanks. the review was good! smile.gif Much better then your very long essays at the start smile.gif you are probably right. But I often realized when I played against boycah, taz, domi,logi or other good players 10 games a row or even more that often less games counted for the revora ladder. it might be possible that the map wasnt a ranked one or as, I thought, due to the fast surrendering. I remember a post boy made that he played like 1-4 against dk crazy and only 1 or 2 games counted. He said that in a topic anywhere on gr.org. I often realized that, too. Now I only play ranked maps and I dont quit as there are head to head stats. It should be much more accurate now. So it doeant actually matter anymore smile.gif

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#6Leikeze  May 30 2017, 18:03 PM -
It wasn't hard to improve on those very long essays. sleep.gif

You and Boycah always make good replays.
#7ToxicShock  Jun 5 2017, 08:17 AM -

Replay of the Week Award for this. Congratulations and thank you guys.
#8Leikeze  Jun 5 2017, 15:17 PM -
QUOTE(ToxicShock @ Today, 03:17 AM)
Replay of the Week Award for this. Congratulations and thank you guys.

Good to see it made it. smile.gif
#9-ExiLe`  Jun 5 2017, 20:51 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Today, 16:17 PM)

Good to see it made it. smile.gif

Has it been casted?
#10Leikeze  Jun 5 2017, 22:15 PM -
QUOTE(-ExiLe` @ Today, 15:51 PM)

Has it been casted?

Not to my knowledge.

You could ask Jundiyy if he's got time to cast it; I could always cast it, but I haven't got a good casting voice.
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