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CNC Zero Hour

[R] SiZe / LoGiCa vs. SeXiie / DK CrAzY

#1dk.crazy  Jun 12 2017, 13:22 PM -
Replays: 42 Game:
tank stealth vs tank tank
#2WwW.GooGle.Com`  Jun 12 2017, 15:40 PM -
The one where logica got defeated?
#3Logica  Jun 12 2017, 21:58 PM -
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i dont know why i thought i could build a power in time before i sold the supply...so silly of me, if size had my army think he would have won.
#4Leikeze  Jun 13 2017, 23:39 PM -
[DK]CrAzY`(Tank) & -SeX`iie(Tank) vs FiReSToRm(Tank) & -BiG^SiZe^(Stealth)

Dozens of Tanks on the field at all times, big tough engagements all game long with huge gains and losses for both sides back and forth. A grand upset towards the end and then a downward spiral as Stealth tries to outplay two Tank Generals.

Comments on Team 1:
  • [DK]CrAzY`: Good collaboration to defend Sex`iie's base. Fantastic aggression and use of the BM drop on their oils(just too bad the other two hit the cliff side). Very nice to see Hackers in an IC early on. Bad idea to engage Logica's army in the middle like that, considering that SiZe may come to back him up, and that he had the bigger army in a better formation. sleep.gif No defense of your base left over by 11:00, but no matter, since Logica got kicked.
  • -SeX`iie: Good scouting early so you could plan. Risky Helix use, but very good keeping them alive and using them effectively. Great move getting those Helix into his base and doing all that damage and kicking Logica out. laugh.gif Such a lack of mines on buildings, could have stopped Quads from driving around through had a few mines been present.
  • Overall: Top notch teamwork, planning, and map awareness.

Comments on Team 2:
  • FiReSToRm: That mine drop and Artillery to save SiZe was pretty good, too back for that poor Battle Bus that got caught by the shells coming down. Such incredible speed and precision use of your units and Generals points this game; Such ease stopping Sex`iie's attack at 10:49, but again, poor SiZe and his Battle Buses always getting in the KZ of your Gen-Powers. post-13661-1143531603.gif Why didn't you quit out man?! It was a real, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" moment. sad.gif
  • -BiG^SiZe^: Buses were the only choice in this game; But they weren't spammable due to all of the good aggression from their side. You should have tried to take a Dozer early on with a Hijacker; It may not have worked, but it would change the whole game had you managed to steal one. Floating so much cash($10,000). smilie_bleh.gif
  • Overall: Same as team 1, except for a big mistake by Logica not giving SiZe his army(and power).

I will give this replay a 7.5/10 for my entertainment. Good watch, may as well drop it a Wub.
#5-DoMiNaToR-  Jun 14 2017, 11:02 AM -
Replays: 156 Game:
Pretty gg. Shame about the non-surrendering.

sexiie - horrific build order somehow worked in the end. Going helix with tank vs tank or stealth would usually be an auto loss.

Crazy is good at killing oil early but size/logica didnt kill enemy oil the whole game.
#6-SeX`iie  Jun 14 2017, 17:25 PM -
Replays: 27 Game:
I do such builds in ffgs. Lixes are the most fun in zh imo.
#7Leikeze  Jun 14 2017, 22:14 PM -
QUOTE(-SeX`iie @ Today, 12:25 PM)
I do such builds in ffgs. Lixes are the most fun in zh imo.

They make the biggest difference between ZH and CCG.
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