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[Ro32] [R] FireLorD` vs pepsi game #4

[RANK] [NMC] Tournament Arena
[RANK] [NMC] Tournament Arena
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#1cncHD  Aug 5 2017, 23:38 PM -

Replays: 1186 Game:
-OpTiC^ = FireLorD`
#2Ka$$aD  Aug 22 2017, 12:23 PM -
Replays: 600 Game:
Great game smile.gif
A lot of unused cash on both bank accounts but still a Wub from me.
#3Leikeze  Sep 2 2017, 12:15 PM -
-OpTiC^(Inf) vs Phialpha94(Stealth) on [NMC]Tournament Arena

Here is a very broken up match between two good players, in which both float too much, but one spends his money more wisely than the other in the mid game, leading to an occurrence that will make you facepalm due to how avoidable it was. It is a decent watch, but not the best thing you'll see.

Comments on -OpTiC^:
  • No, don't duel WF. tongue.gif
  • That starting Outpost had no idea what hit it, then the TT on your WF was a tough thing to start with.
  • That's what I love to see, lots of Bunkers to protect your base. thumb.gif
  • Very nice base defense overall with everything you had.
  • Don't float in your situation, just get your Lotus(take oil refinery) on the field and start scouting his Tunnels for your MiGs, which would have been a very nice addition to your army for destroying whatever he popped while you were attacking, because the attack you did around the 16:00 mark was just pitiful in its outcome, so much lost for so little.
  • What an unbelievably successful attack on the bottom of his base with your Outposts, almost effortlessly executable, and well done by you making the most of it.
  • 32 Hackers at 20:00 minutes. thum.gif nice.
  • Overall: Well played defensive game, a bit less floating and a bit more Migging would have been helpful, but the outcome is all that matters.

Comments on Phialpha94:
  • You could have gotten the WF and Barracks by force firing the ground just between them(since they were right next to each other).
  • You should have gotten a Tunnel up in the back of his base with that Worker ASAP; It would have really helped you out had you done so, with all of those Quads and RPG's you could have popped out it would have been GG in four minutes tops, if all went well.
  • You need to attack with RPG's as well as Quads if you want to have any lasting affect on the battlefield of his base, also, finish off the WF even if you lose your Quads doing so(talking about the first attack), because if you don't destroy buildings is it almost like the attack never occurred.
  • Spare TT's came too late that your used on his middle supply, you needed them during your first attacks for maximum damage.
  • Once the Palace is finished you need to get a Market up for AP-Bullets and Buggy Ammo, without those two upgrades your units are very weak against his; You had more than enough time to achieve this, and maybe even gotten an early SCUD Storm for good measure with all of the floating you were doing by mid game.
  • With all of that free time you should have gotten the Oil Refinery in the middle of the map so your Buggies would be $820 and Quads $630, saving you even more money to float with.
  • No defense at all for the bottom. palm.gif I fell off my chair as Chariots of Fire theme went on as he totally ravaged your base, destroying both of your SCUD Storms and then your Markets; Where were the Buggies? where were the Quads? where was anything? sad.gif
  • Overall: You were like a ship sailing with a hundred holes torn in your sails, having nothing to catch the wind; In other words, you made no ground the entire game, your gameplay wasn't the major issue, it was your decision making that brought your down; You needed to hit more soft targets early on and more up with your Tunnels constantly encroaching on him, then begin popping loads of Buggies(with Buggy Ammo) and destroying his defenses and anything he sends to stop you; Use Quads(with AP-Bullets) to destroy any MiG's he tries to counter you with; All the while spamming Markets and more production until he is overwhelmed.

I will give this replay a 5/10 for my entertainment.
#4PePsI.  Sep 2 2017, 17:51 PM -
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Today, 12:15 PM)

that will make you facepalm due to how avoidable it was.

I won't disagree tongue.gif
#5ToxicShock  Sep 4 2017, 06:29 AM -

Replay of the Week Award for this one. Nice work.
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