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CNC Zero Hour

[R] The revenge of the spinny carpet!

#11Leikeze  Aug 12 2017, 18:00 PM -
QUOTE(Jundiyy @ Today, 12:52 PM)

I don't think it did drop any bombs, unless I missed them? It was going for the barracks but didn't make it there.

Sorry, I commented on the wrong Bomber when I restarted the replay. tongue.gif
#12Jundiyy  Aug 12 2017, 19:22 PM -

Replays: 292 Game:
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Today, 18:00 PM)

Sorry, I commented on the wrong Bomber when I restarted the replay. tongue.gif

Lol ok, no need for sorry smile.gif
#13ToxicShock  Aug 14 2017, 07:50 AM -

Replay of the Week Award for this one. Congratulations and thank you for posting quality replays!
#14trve^viking  Aug 14 2017, 16:27 PM -
map should be fixed after that imo. wp guys.
#15Jundiyy  Aug 14 2017, 19:31 PM -

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QUOTE(trve^viking @ Today, 16:27 PM)
map should be fixed after that imo. wp guys.

Are you referring to the carpet? Only thing that can be done is to use low-height buildings.
#16trve^viking  Aug 14 2017, 20:22 PM -
yea,thats what i thought tongue.gif
#17Leikeze  Aug 14 2017, 22:36 PM -
I wouldn't mind the buildings being changed on this map, as it isn't in my favorites list, despite it being a snow map, which I like.
#18´'`Divine´'`Ravenheart´'`  Aug 15 2017, 02:06 AM -
china needs better supply placement and usa early game micro was shockingly bad. so many vees lost to situations that didn't warrant big/any losses.

inf strat was interesting, though i'm not sure if he was playing seriously. problem with these types of extremely aggressive semi-base rushes is that there isn't a really well-thought out strategical basis that exists for them. mainly because they're nigh impossible to pull off in maps like td. it was clear that at around early midgame inf didn't know how to proceed. he stopped being aggressive, letting usa mass vees while using his single wf to try and take out the rest of usa base.

usa decision to go towards middle supplies and not inf second supp was strange. i was sure usa would move to inf secondary instead, considering that that one's in a lot more safer location.

all in all, the game may have entertainment value for some, but the skill level was really off in a lot of points.
#19RaGe^  Aug 15 2017, 15:45 PM -
Replays: 77
To be fair i was a bit shocked by herbs micro as well, seen him do so much better

Rusty maybe ^^
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