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CNC Zero Hour

[R] Vanilla USA vs Stealth.

[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
[RANK] TD No Bugs No Cars ZH v1
#1-BountyHunter-  Sep 2 2017, 19:34 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
A nice game verse Dense with consistent action!
#2Leikeze  Sep 3 2017, 14:01 PM -
us-BountyHunter-(Stealth) vs denmarkDense(USA) on TDNoBugsCars

Here is a 36:00 minute game that begins with some slow-paced beginnings, then it revs up all of a sudden toward the late game and ends with a few bangs and a big base trade. The players are close in skill, although Dense is the favorite at the time of posting this review; But -BountyHunter- seems to be a rising star as well, if he keeps on learning and improving.

Comments on -BountyHunter-:
  • Just a bit nitpicky from me, but I often build a Fake AD when I do this map control strategy, because it allows me to build my Tunnels and not have to build up $2,500 before starting my AD, but I suppose it doesn't make much difference. Anyway, because of this strategy you weren't able to harass his supplies or production at all in the beginning, so he was able to build up a lot of early Humvees to use against you.
  • Nice encroachment up the left side with your Tunnels, except you still never harassed that supply with the ones you had earlier, not even a TT came up that way to destroy the mostly undefended supply(which should have been done, because he was on 1 Dozer, so he couldn't risk rebuilding it, and if he did, you could hunt him). You did pop out later, but by then he had a lot of cash spent from there on all of his Humvees, so you were stopped from advancing, which you shouldn't have done until you popped out all of those extra units by your AD's and sent them up the right side to overwhelm his ability to defend.
  • You've got to get Buggy Ammo right away after your Palace finishes, because it is your only counter to Humvees as Stealth; Also, don't pop your Buggies from one Tunnel alone; Remember: Pop, fire, in, Pop, fire, in(repeat until Humvees are gone). And if you are going to pop at all, never do it in a way that allows your Buggies to take any hits. You had a lot of Tunnels on the left side to use.
  • Attack the right side with a few Buggies to keep him from having total focus on the left side; Also, harass him from the middle and any other area you can to keep him off balance.
  • You can't stop building Quads, you always need a few, not a lot, but a few in the late game.
  • You should have used your SCUD Storm on his Supply+WF+2 SDZ's; But I'm not sure that you saw all of that.
  • Do...not...let him collect from the middle, it takes just 1 Quad to stop him from doing this.
  • Your second SCUD launch could have gotten the SC+CFR+2SDZ's, but again, you may not have seen that(but by 24:00 minutes into the game you should have a few Radar Vans for scanning, especially if you are playing so defensively).
  • Nice Sneak Attack, and also Maxed out Cash Bounty. thum.gif
  • You had nothing in that Palace?! and then you Tox Drop your own base? WTF.gif Drop the toxin bomb on where he has to run to, not where you can defend from.
  • Ah, and what a way to end it. tongue.gif
  • Overall: Not enough harassment and no multi-front assaults at all.
Comments on Dense:
  • Should have turned your forward Dozer around the minute you saw the Worker actively hammering the ground like that; You'd still have been able to Beacon the Tunnel as it went up because the RPG's would walk out. Sorry, I just hate being on 1 Dozer immediately after the game begins.
  • Good idea on the drop, stopping his Palace from going up, but it wasn't an even trade, unless you factor in the time it takes to build a Palace.
  • Get Flash Bangs, take his RPG's out of the middle, load your MD's into the building, and then you have the middle(simple); With that you can just do head on attacks against his AD's until you get them, and he is defeated(if all goes well).
  • You aggressive offense against his Tunnels was good, because it made him waste a lot of stuff that he could have otherwise harassed you with.
  • Countering Buggies with Comanches, and countering Tunnel spam with Tomahawks(also Buggy counter). thum.gif
  • Ah man, enormous losses attacking the left side. post-13661-1143531603.gif Too bad you didn't have a bunch of Tomahawks with that army, it would have helped a lot; So sad to see such a cool army go down like that.
  • You were missing Advanced Training this whole game. eyebrow.gif
  • Hardcore base trading, always entertaining.
  • Overall: Too many lost units and not enough damage dealt to the base early on, middle game, and in late game.
I will give this replay a 7.6/10 for my entertainment and would recommend it for a Wub. wub.gif
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#3-VeNoM`   Sep 10 2017, 15:01 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
QUOTE(-BountyHunter- @ Sep 2 2017, 19:34 PM)
A nice game verse Dense with consistent action!

That is a nice game a wub from me smile.gif
#4ToxicShock  Sep 18 2017, 06:54 AM -

Replay of the Week Award for this. Well done guys.
#5-BountyHunter-  Sep 18 2017, 12:13 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
QUOTE(ToxicShock @ Today, 06:54 AM)
Replay of the Week Award for this. Well done guys.

Wow, that is awesome. Thank you! 😁
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