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[R]Demo vs SWG

#11Spell  Oct 24 2020, 16:54 PM -
QUOTE(-NickName @ Today, 12:17 PM)
I was demo wink.gif

lol biggrin.gif
#12fastAiR  Oct 24 2020, 20:30 PM -
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no second review, I hate GLA and cant tell someone how to play it.
I think you played alright anyway, altho I was mainly watching the SWG tbh. I did notice you werent mining in middle for ages though, IDK why that was unless a sneaky pathfinder had screwed you over.
Still you should have won in the early game, dont waste units sad.gif hide behind his buildings and things, if he doesnt come then engage the buildings and force him to come and fight where you want, on your terms.
When you are in someones base like that, you have such an advantage vs vees as you force him into engagements or he abandons his base. By attacking structures and hiding behind them you force him close, and remove the range advantage vee's and MD's have over you.
Think about ur positioning more in those cases

When im hiding behind someoens buildings, I will attack the building, take it down to like 5% health then leave it that, not killing it as I will lose my cover if I kill it, I will then start targetting another building and also take that one down to minimum health. This is very important as infantry vs USA's and ur infantry are not in vehicles. If he has flashbangs, when you kill those buildings your infantry are in the open and the bangs/rangers will kill ur missile men, so take all the buildings to 5-1% health, and then kill all 3 buildings at once.
Hopefully that makes sense. This is important in very close games when you are down to final structures/units. Maybe not relevant to this game, but good advice none the less.
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#13Moliere  Nov 2 2020, 22:35 PM -
The GLA left a lot to be desired, but its demo part was good. Those bikes were clutch !

Very close game, I though the eventual winner would lose at many points, also funny how last minutes turned into a sort of turn per turn game.

Now time to be wicked and make a list of the bad mistakes tongue.gif

Nickname ( aka "Real Spell" ) IPB Image

Not getting terrorist to your supplies was a critical mistakes that hopefully wasn't punished. The only reason USA doesn't always drop is because GLA ALWAYS prepare against it. But USA normally has a scan to see if you forgot to pay the respect tax, so...Better do it next times !

Only 4 workers on the unsafe sad.gif

The first tech terror was a big ups as well. Aiming for the main sup/wf without a distraction is very optimistic. Going for the unsafe would have been better.

Your early tech opg push on the unsafe was good, but would be even better with a worker on top of it. That way you can simply keep your units in place, forcing the vees to come die at you, or to actually get the tunnel up and gain an enormous advantage, either way it's great ! That situation also usually allows sneaky tech terror or quad on the other side to work ( probably not in this game because of the iemp though ).

Your opponent went hyper defensive, yet you made very low effort to take the map. It was all your ! This is how you punish bunker players, by taking all the ressources and the map control, not by directly trying to break their wall with a similar economy.

Even before that, you built a load of tunnels in your base as if you were expecting the big vees push to be imminent, but you should have known the vee count was low since you harassed him good at the begining.

I think it's most of the time bad to value killing building over units, especially vs USA. When you did that ( good ) big counter attack on his strategy center, you could have killed many vees but just went for the war factory instead. Main reason you like to kill a war factory early is because it slow down the vee count on the field, not so much because it cost 2 k, 3 empty vee already cost more.

You took one entiere week to rebuild your main sup !

Good use of the demo jarmen and demo abilities overall ( beside using it to capture a vee ! ), that kept you in the game big time.

Nevez IPB Image

Why so few chinooks at the start ? You didn't need to build that many md so early vs gla, or you could actually build this amount but wait to build the wf instead and deny forward tunnels with your dozer instead of a vee. The sure thing is : you need 4 chinooks from the start !

Despite that, you had a decent defensive start to the game with that early iemp immediatly paying for itself, but ended up being too passive overall, giving demo too much freedom and not using your own army's late game kingdom enough.

Not droping against the undefended supply was the first opportunity missed ( to be fair, your scan missed the rax so it was half unlucky ).

But then you went overly defensive. Building the reactor further back to cover it with some IEMP and have a defensive approach can be a fine plan, but you were too extreme with it, never willing to get out of your confined safe space, hence you couldn't even really use swg powers properly ( no space for airfield ).

Many players are unecessary slow to take their oil, well you clearly weren't, but I think this one was a bit too early, you were still under pressure when you decided to take it. I think you need to build a second rax and have a smooth start to afford an early oil as usa vs gla on td.

A few mistakes in the lategame with the targeting, wasting power and particle canon on that unbreakable command center when you had vision on the newly built supply on the middle.

You were slow to realise you were allowed to long range collect from the middle with your nooks.

An unusual hard fought game, with a lot of rookie mistakes, but with an unpredictable outcome and some fancy explosions. The entertainement value is not bad !
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