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CNC Zero Hour

Dual Nuke vs v.Gla and v.China

#1Reese  Apr 29 2005, 14:33 PM -
Replays: 8
how i said, amazing replay biggrin.gif
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#2dustman  Apr 29 2005, 16:06 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
thxxxx for posting
one of the most entertaining teamgames ive ever seen
starts out with a pretty innovative way to double theoenuke guy ^^
firs ttime i see 3 dozer build in 2v2...
also after the baseswaps etc. it turns out into this really solid 2v1 game with battles all ovver the map etc. etc. etc.
just AWESOMe reese... youve been posting a lotta good games recently i think
#3^General  Apr 29 2005, 17:25 PM -
Replays: 177 Game:
This was an awesome game to play in, so close, tbh i dunno how we won the game, was crazy with all the base swopping, really entertaining imo. Check it out guys.

Plus my lotus was the ownage, even got promoted! tongue.gif
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#4xrated  Apr 30 2005, 19:44 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
XRaTeDs ReViEw
wow this game is simply amazing, 8/9-10 definatley amazing strategies and playing. Very nice base swapping action and generals points usage
I loved the worker spam in the beginning to build in there bases and put pressure on them. That 1 marauder was ownage, but why did you not get a second one? Its horrible how overpowered marauders are, but you did use your one very good. Reese's bb spam was the only thing he could do becuase of the overlord and ecm spam by them. Nice idea with map control, but you had 4x supplies and not alot of tunnels and stingers at them. Running your marauder away would have been your best idea, 3 chev marauders own everything. Im suprised you did not go dozer hunting with your technicals, they had 1 dozer most of the game you could have won it there. Nice jarmen usage even though you didn't finish strong with the survivial of the units. Stealth technicals worked great to harass his supplies and units. Your biggest mistake of the game was not following oranges dozer and killing it before he could build a building. Bad idea to build a command cetner with nothing to protect it because he was spamming helixes.
Nice 3x dozer bo in beginning to spam ths against nuke. Once you had your helix up and reesies piecies had his marauder grimms base was gone. Once his helix got by reese didnt save your dozers and supplies so you were done for.
Since they were putting pressure on grim you needed to get into there bases with bms and such to cut off there economy. Nice flankings with flamers and bms to harass them. The helix was a great idea because they were spamming ths and marauders. Bad micro with your overlord and helix, you could have killed that marauder and ths with it when he was killing your last war factory. Why did you not build a barracks instead of a war factory in your base, 5 ths would have killed his marauder. Nice use of generals promotions. Nice usage of lotus throughout the game, lotus owns gla on big maps. Very nice carpet bomb on his sneak attack tunnel. The emp was a waste, you could have used it on other things or saved it. Helix spam killed reese, he could not defend against it. I think you played the best out of everyone in this game, your micro was better towards the end though
They were spamming ths in your base but why did you not just spam gatts back at him? or even get more gatts than bms. You should have moved your gatt in his base around further so you could have killed his helix. TNT charges saved you, but nice use of them against his techs and mauraders. Reese kept attacking his secondary supply where you kept building a supply center there, no defense from it? You spammed overlords and ecms the whole game, you should have gotten a helix or to.
#5^General  Apr 30 2005, 20:06 PM -
Replays: 177 Game:
Thx very much for the review, i knew it was great game tongue.gif
#6Reese  May 1 2005, 11:20 AM -
Replays: 8
thanks fot review, much work smile.gif
#7-ELemenT  May 1 2005, 12:42 PM -
Replays: 2
very nice game tbh wub.gif
#8^General  May 1 2005, 13:41 PM -
Replays: 177 Game:
yea i used emp bomb so i could see his supply so i could cash hack him, needed some money biggrin.gif
#9cwap  May 1 2005, 15:25 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Wow what a great game biggrin.gif

But 2x nuke generals powers vs. 1 person is very powerfull sad.gif
#10Darky  May 1 2005, 19:30 PM -

Great game, fully deserves to be in Elite replays, i'll put it up for ROTW voting as well smile.gif.

Maybe even Legendary?

Constant action, impossible to know who was gonna win!
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